• Failed to write LTD file to Disk

    Hello,   While simulating in SipiPro we are encountering below error,How can i resolve it?   "Error:Error:Fails to write LTD file to disk"    Also attached error image for your reference.
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  • Problem with the number of phase fronts when attempting to generate OAM

    Problem with the number of phase fronts when attempting to generate OAM: In brief, an OAM (Orbital Angular Momentum) beam with a specific mode l should present exactly l number of helical phase fronts in its radiatio...
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  • How to use LTD substrate file in ADS ?

    I want to simulate Transmission line in ADS momentum for that I'm trying to use substrate ,which I got from technology library(65nm TSMC) as a LTD file which I'm able to import in ADS momentum "substrate editor" but I...
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  • What is maximum frequency we can simulate in Sipro?Is there any limitation?

    What is maximum frequency we can simulate in Sipro
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  • Line differential impedance ADS simulation

    Hi everyone!   I'm trying to simulate a pair of microstrip coupled lines, to determine its odd mode impedance and differential impedance, using ADS and, eventually, Momentum. In the end, my point is comparing si...
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  • How to define ground plane in Momentum substrate definition

    Could someone please show me how to properly define the ground plane in the substrate definition of Momentum?  I am trying to do a simple simulation of a 28GHz 50-ohm microstrip/stripline in ADS and compare the S...
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  • How much it cost a ADS license

    Hi im interested to adquired a ADS License but i wanna know how much it cost for a studen   somebody can help me?  
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  • Change Convergence of Adaptive Freq Sweep

    I'm having a problem using adaptive frequency sweep. The rational fitting model sometimes does not select enough frequencies to accurately model the structure.  The S11 plot below shows where I am getti...
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  • How much it cost a studen license

    Hi i want to know how much it cost a studen license , and the type of support that give a student
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  • EMPro, Python, Parameter List

    EMPro Python Scripting: 1. Can EMPro print a report of a design's parameters? If no, is it possible to use Python to print a report of a complex design's parameters? 2. Does EMPro perform design Optimization? If yes...
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  • EMpro, python, Axial Ratio (dB)

    Want to write python script to get plots of axial ratio in dB, S11, and smith chart of antenna design. Can you help?   Currently takes ~ 8steps to manually drill down to result's AR dB, and that's PER result. W...
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  • Importing EMPro circuit component definition from ADS

    Hi,      In EMPro, I usually create a circuit component definition (R,L,C) and assign ports to that definition and select 'not a port' option. However I need to do this every time and fo...
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  • High Memory Requirement for PCB Simulation

    I'm exporting a PCB design from the Cadence Allegro to ADS 2017.1. The design is a 10 layer board with RF and digital section. I removed the digital fraction so only RF components are remained. Moreover I only export ...
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  • 2 objects occupying the same space.

    Hi,   New to EPpro. I noticed I never get a warning or error message if I overlapped two pieces of different materials, such as AL and Cu, PVC and FR4, etc. The simulation goes on without a hitch. It'll sta...
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  • GCPW model simulation 70GHz in EMPRO

    GCPW simulation @ 70GHz. hello all, I'm currently doing simulation of a GCPW line at 70GHz. But I recently a testboard and the results is far from the simulations.  AFter investigation I suspect some atmospheric...
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  • Where can I find the EMPro's Core Dump file

    Hello, I have been running EMPro 2017 on RedHat 6 for a while. Recently, EMPro starts to crash fairly often. Most of the CAD Tools (such as ADS, Cadence, Matlab) generate a core dump file when they quit. Does EMPro a...
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  • Dissimilarity in FEM Results of Resonant Patch Antenna

    I generally use ADS momentum for circuit design, not used it for Antenna, I usually use HFSS for antenna. I was comparing the results of a microstrip resonant patch antenna designed in HFSS with ADS and EMPro (F...
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  • emds_mesher.exe CPU usage

      Hi,   Does anyone know why emds_mesher.exe does not use much processing power? I am simulating a fairly big object that has more than 30,000 faces, but it takes forever to finish generating the mesh. Is...
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  • How to find non-interpolated S-parameters in EMPro?

    Is there a way to view or save the non-interpolated S-parameters of an EMPro simulation?   I've attached example screenshots below where my simulation "converged" from approximately -80 dB isolation to around -2...
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  • EMpro Error Message: attempt to write a readonly database

    Hi,   I keep getting this error message after refining. It says: Attempt to write a read-only database, which doesn't make sense to me. Does anyone know how to fix it?     
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