• Importing EMPro circuit component definition from ADS

    Hi,      In EMPro, I usually create a circuit component definition (R,L,C) and assign ports to that definition and select 'not a port' option. However I need to do this every time and fo...
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  • High Memory Requirement for PCB Simulation

    I'm exporting a PCB design from the Cadence Allegro to ADS 2017.1. The design is a 10 layer board with RF and digital section. I removed the digital fraction so only RF components are remained. Moreover I only export ...
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  • 2 objects occupying the same space.

    Hi,   New to EPpro. I noticed I never get a warning or error message if I overlapped two pieces of different materials, such as AL and Cu, PVC and FR4, etc. The simulation goes on without a hitch. It'll sta...
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  • GCPW model simulation 70GHz in EMPRO

    GCPW simulation @ 70GHz. hello all, I'm currently doing simulation of a GCPW line at 70GHz. But I recently a testboard and the results is far from the simulations.  AFter investigation I suspect some atmospheric...
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  • Where can I find the EMPro's Core Dump file

    Hello, I have been running EMPro 2017 on RedHat 6 for a while. Recently, EMPro starts to crash fairly often. Most of the CAD Tools (such as ADS, Cadence, Matlab) generate a core dump file when they quit. Does EMPro a...
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  • Dissimilarity in FEM Results of Resonant Patch Antenna

    I generally use ADS momentum for circuit design, not used it for Antenna, I usually use HFSS for antenna. I was comparing the results of a microstrip resonant patch antenna designed in HFSS with ADS and EMPro (F...
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  • emds_mesher.exe CPU usage

      Hi,   Does anyone know why emds_mesher.exe does not use much processing power? I am simulating a fairly big object that has more than 30,000 faces, but it takes forever to finish generating the mesh. Is...
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  • How to find non-interpolated S-parameters in EMPro?

    Is there a way to view or save the non-interpolated S-parameters of an EMPro simulation?   I've attached example screenshots below where my simulation "converged" from approximately -80 dB isolation to around -2...
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  • EMpro Error Message: attempt to write a readonly database

    Hi,   I keep getting this error message after refining. It says: Attempt to write a read-only database, which doesn't make sense to me. Does anyone know how to fix it?     
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  • Can radiation pattern of patch antenna integrated with Diode switch and other lumped components be simulated in ADS and EMPro?

    Is it possible to simulate the radiation pattern of the "WHOLE" structure (exactly like the measurement) containing patch antenna and PIN diode switch (using Diode model) and other lumped (R/L/C or .s2p files) element...
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  • ADS EMPro Connector Example

    I am working through some of the examples to become more familiar w importing EMpro models into ADS and using them for simulation results. Ive started out using the example file ‘EMPro_ADS_handson_wrk’. Fo...
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  • empro TypeError: PyModule_AddObject() needs non-NULL value

    Any ideas how to resolve this issue? Does EMPro Help tool cover this kind of issue?
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  • Integrated Antenna Received Power Simulation

    I have simulated the antenna structure in HFSS, and made the .s1p file which I have imported to ADS and connect rest of the circuits.  Now, 1. In the receiver design, the antenna receives power which will be fe...
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  • Distance between layout pin electrically large

    Hi everyone,    I'm just starting to use Momentum and I'm trying to perform a simple simulation of a microstrip matching network. The problem is that I'm getting that error when simulating, and the result d...
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  • Coil inductor model in Empro

    Hi, I'm learning Empro for simulating PCB board. But I have problem about parameterizing the coil inductor model as shown in the link Optimizing Filter Performance Using Integrated 3D EM Simulation - YouTube  &#...
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  • EMPro : "The command line is too long." in FEM Simulation

    Hi, When i want to simulate a board in EMPro with FEM simulation, this error shows in Log window regardless of location of project. Starting FEM simulation. The command line is too long.   Of course FDTD sim...
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  • Parameter-sweeping the endpoints of a waveguide port

    I would like to use a parameter to move the impedance line of a waveguide port. I can set the expression but when I update the parameter and press "apply," the port doesn't move. When i double click on the wavegui...
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  • How do I have specific BJT model

    I am trying to design an oscillator in which I want to use 2N2222 NPN BJT. I went for BJT model in library and there I will have to mention the specifications. Is it the correct way?
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  • Exacting RLGC file

    Hi, I have created stripline/microstrip transmission line in ADS using Controlled impedance line designer (CILD). Now I want to extract the RLGC equivalent parameter file of that created transmission line. I know in ...
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  • EMPro, Python, Parameter List

    EMPro Python Scripting: 1. Can EMPro print a report of a design's parameters? If no, is it possible to use Python to print a report of a complex design's parameters? 2. Does EMPro perform design Optimization? If yes...
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