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Trying to determine how to simulate the S Parameters and Group Delay of an all-pass filter using an Op-Amp. I have the model setup but I am unsure how to obtain the S Parameters since all of the examples that I have found is by using the AC source and running an AC simulation, but this only provides information such as gain. I am more interested… (Show more)
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Click to view contentADS, Circuit Design Cookbook, Design of Distributed Wilkinson power divider: Unable to sim circuit due to "Instance does not have defined parameters." Able to create symbol, etc. How to get ADS to generate parameters and populate symbol definition accordingly?
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Hey,guys   when i simulate a RF inductor with momentum used in mmic(pic.1),i have serval questions as follow: 1.generally,how many cells/wavelength should i set in the option of mesh density?if the num is 80,160 200,250,the result varies very differently(pic.2); 2.should i enable the edge mesh and transmission line mesh? the results is also… (Show more)
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I want to simulate Transmission line in ADS momentum for that I'm trying to use substrate ,which I got from technology library(65nm TSMC) as a LTD file which I'm able to import in ADS momentum "substrate editor" but I'm not getting how to use it in layout for simulation.Could you please suggest how to do this ? Thanks in advance.
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I want to the CPW transmission line  S11 below -20dB,  how to reach that?  Is that my port set wrong in EM simulation?   Thanking for any answer.   The substrate for microstrip line (permittivity =4.6, the h=1mm, the width of 50Ω is 1.80mm ) The substrate for CPW line (permittivity =3.5, the h=0.5mm, the width of signal path is 1.5mm, the… (Show more)
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Tips: Importing a Cadence Allegro *.brd file into ADS requires an Allegro utility called "extracta". Please make sure that a Cadence Allegro PCB Designer installation is available, and that the location of its "extracta" executable is included in the ADS $PATH environment variable setting.   Q: Cadence Allegro PCB has been installed, but how to… (Show more)
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I would like to know If ADS can simulate tolerance ranges of the circuit components and make a dispersion plot from a Montecarlo simulation or something like that.   Thanks in advance
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Are there any good resources to turn to after watching the tutorial videos for a more thorough guide to board layout in Genesys? I'm designing a multi-layer RF board, and am not sure how to use all of the features. For instance, all my coplanar waveguides have lengths of 0, I'm not sure how to align components, and I don't know how to smooth the… (Show more)
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Click to view contentIs there a way to employ admittance inverter models in a TEM cavity model within 2D- circuit editor to calculate 'coupling' values in a filter?  I have seen this accomplished in AWR and want to do the same in Genesys
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