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Hello,   I would like to apologize for this question since I am quite it's a recurring question... I design an antenna (J-dipole) using Momentum: results are great... However, I would like to check the simulation with FEM to take account of finite FR4 substrate... 1) with the default options, results with FEM are odd: the question is how to… (Show more)
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I am working through some of the examples to become more familiar w importing EMpro models into ADS and using them for simulation results. Ive started out using the example file ‘EMPro_ADS_handson_wrk’. For some reason my schematic simulation results do not match the EM simulations. I have gone back and checked the connection points for each layer… (Show more)
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Hello everybody,   I have a problem with the #channel #simulation. I want to simulate a de-embeddet channel but I noticed that I get two different results although I simulate the same thing.   I use the same touchstone file for the snp2 and d#e-embedding building block (ChannelSim1.jpg) and get the following result (Result1.jpg).   However, if I… (Show more)
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Is it possible to simulate the radiation pattern of the "WHOLE" structure (exactly like the measurement) containing patch antenna and PIN diode switch (using Diode model) and other lumped (R/L/C or .s2p files) elements in ADS or/and EMPro?   In Co-simulation, it only gives S-parameters, but not the radiation pattern of the full circuits. Is… (Show more)
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Hi,   I keep getting this error message after refining. It says: Attempt to write a read-only database, which doesn't make sense to me. Does anyone know how to fix it?     
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Kindly go through my ERROR REPORTS so that you can understand my issue...  i am unable to get complete connections of the passive components for my FILTER DESIGN in layout after exporting from SCHEMATIC to LAYOUT to do EM SIMULATION .......   Kindly anyone resolve my issue......     Thank U
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I am trying to understand how to use a variable as an index in a measurement expression for use with the data display.   According to the help article on Measurement Expressions, I am trying to use an output variable as the expression list for a sweep index operator.   I have attached an archive of a simple example workspace in ADS 2017… (Show more)
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Hi Keysight ADS Experts,   I am new to Keysight ADS 2017 and I am working on an academic project to train an ANN to model crosstalk on microstrips. In order to establish my training database, I need to run a huge number of simulation by changing a microstrip parameter each time and then repeat the same routine. Due to the large number of… (Show more)
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Hello,   I'm using ChannelSim to simulate a high-speed link with a TX, RX IBIS-AMI model and a bunch of different channel S-parameters. I'm using bit-by-bit mode.   I'm interested in doing so with my own bit pattern (provided in a text file). I tried to look in the ChannelSim's manual but couldn't find anything. Any ideas?   Thanks
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Hi,   I'm using ADS2017 channel simulation. Does anyone know simulation in no-GUI mode (background)?   I'd like to execute several circuits seaquentially at night or holiday. I can find only batch simulation using GUI, but I think batch simulation cannot handle various case, and cannot release license when simulation have finished.   Best… (Show more)
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