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need comparison between the SystemVue, ADS and LabView, especially in perspective of Radar System design and simulations?
in EDA Software
I have created layout a for transmission line using commercial IC technology PDK  and performed sp simulation in ADS.Is it possible to get loss parameters(RLGC) of the transmission line in ADS so that I can model the loss mechanisms.
in EDA Software
I created a Matlab script that creates a histogram variable "Counts" depending on which path and measurement I want to analyze from corresponding MonteCarlo datasets.  "Counts" contains the bin values (specified by the script and stored in either the default "__HistIndep" or whatever the user specifies) and number of samples from the MonteCarlo… (Show more)
in EDA Software
Hi, Have imported a simple flex ribbon cable Allegro layout into SiPro which worked fine.  Setup all of the ports and finished the simulation which completed and converged without any warnings or errors. Went to the S-Parameters plotter under "Results", then went to the "Mixed Mode" tab and started selecting individual lines to pair together… (Show more)
in EDA Software
Click to view contentHello,   While simulating in SipiPro we are encountering below error,How can i resolve it?   "Error:Error:Fails to write LTD file to disk"    Also attached error image for your reference.
in EDA Software
Hi, i've got strange bug during optimization in ADS.   I've make schematic based on few SnP files and AMI model of FPGA Tx and Rx to perform SI analysis and optimize transciever parameters. So i've specify Tx and Rx AMI-parameters by variables, make them optimizable with discrete step, and run optimizer. When i check results i saw that otimizer… (Show more)
in EDA Software
I am simulating a Power amplifier design and my input is an envelope modulated signal with a sampling frequency 92.16 MHz. while using envelope simulation the "TIme Step too small" error is coming.  And it is taking too much time to simulation if i reduce the sampling frequency to 92.16 * 10^4 Hz.   How i can solve this problem. Is there any… (Show more)
in EDA Software
Click to view contentHello, I need to know how to fill the ideal frequency multiplier data based on the datasheet. I will be grateful if you could let me know for this specific component. (My mixer is RMK-5-571+ mini-circuit)
in EDA Software
I have the gerbers for a PCB antenna, which I have imported into a Genesys layout. Changing the length of the antenna element changes the antenna's resonant frequency. How do I get Genesys to tell me how long it has to be to achieve a certain resonant frequency?   I don't have a schematic for this design, since I just imported the gerbers. Is it… (Show more)
in EDA Software
Click to view contentHi, all I have a problem that how to extract the circuits from microstrip in Fig1? I have measured the S parametre of the microstrip as a 2-port network and then how to fit the measured S_parametre by extracted circuits in ADS?
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