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Hi,   This question pertains to ADS' handling of IBIS models of type I/O. If I create a schematic and select the "Signal Integrity - IBIS" pallet, I can't seem to find a component that will let me specify the direction of the pin as input for a pin associated with an IBIS model of type I/O. I've tried IBIS_Pin, IBIS_T, IBIS_I, IBIS_O, and… (Show more)
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I am trying to make a voltage source with time domain output defined by the contents of a file. I made a ".TIM" file following the documentation: BEGIN TIMEDATA #T (SEC V R 50) % t voltage 0.0 0.26548945640471416 6.061645695759878e-13 0.2955092133343143 1.2123291391519757e-12 0.3336646299284743 1.8184937087279635e-12 0.36230475777412924… (Show more)
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Hello everyone,                         I have a problem in optimizing the layout design to the specified goal requirement. Can anybody provide the process of  Momentum Layout optimization for ADS 2014 version?
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when i do the EM simulation, it cost me so much time. so i change the server processor from 32core to 64core. after that, i can not do any em simulation. i want to know why. and the ads log file does not give me any fail reason as shown in the attachment.
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Dear all, I am currently working on a student thesis for which I need to simulate different RF amplifiers in ADS from Keysight. Therefore I would like to know if it's possible to get the nonlinear simulation models of the GaAs transistors TGF2018 … TGF2160 (see The simulation is… (Show more)
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I used ADS to build a schematic similar to that in the MAAL-011078 datasheet. But the simulated S-parameters do not match the parameters given in the datasheet. Why is this?
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I have simulated the antenna structure in HFSS, and made the .s1p file which I have imported to ADS and connect rest of the circuits.  Now, 1. In the receiver design, the antenna receives power which will be fed to the next stage (LNA/Mixers etc). Generally antenna response is extracted into 1-port S-parameter touchstone file (from HFSS) and… (Show more)
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Hello,   I have installed Keysight IO Librairies suites 2018 on my  Windows 7 SP 1 machine. I have the icon "IO" on task bar but when RClick on the icon and select "Connection Expert", nothing happens. Do you have any idea of what can go wrong?   Thank you.   Best regards,   José
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Hello, I want to use ADS's smith chart for documentation. I need both the impedance and admittance chart in one plot. I've attached a screenshot of the smith chart.   If I'm not mistaken the admittance coordinates are wrong. They should be positive in the lower half of the chart and negative in the top half. For example the Impedance 0+0.2j… (Show more)
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I want to plot the transfer curve (Ic vsvVbe) of BJT from the example MW_Ckts workspace , LNA_wrk. The Vce values are 0.1, 0.5 and 1.5. In the schematic of DC_op_point I changed Vdc = Vce. I put 3 parametric sweeps for 3 Vce's. When I simulated it throwed an error saying, "Vce is not defined in src1". Then I put a variable and set an initial… (Show more)
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