• PreTrigger count does not seem to work when TrgSrc is Level on 34465A FW A.03.00-02.40-03.00-00.52-02-01

    PreTrigger count does not seem to work when TrgSrc is Level and measuring DCV on 34465A FW A.03.00-02.40-03.00-00.52-02-01 The data acquired starts at the triggering level and not 10000 samples before the triggering ...
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  • 34465A Minimum Sample Interval

    This is an observation about the behaviour of the 34465A DMM which is different than the 34411A predecessor. Both DMMs have the DIGITIZING option (standard with the 34411A) and 2M Memory options fitted. When the 344...
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  • 34410A - Recording data using VISA, error 410

    Hi,   I am trying to take a large sample of DC current measurements. While the correct readings are displayed on the multimeter itself, the correct data is not being sent to my PC. I only receive the value '16' ...
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  • 0V & 0A DC/AC Negative Tolerance (34410A / 34401A)

    What are the negative fluctuations that we expect with preferably the 34410A (or the 34401A) when we are in an open circuit or when a device is turned off for DC&AC Voltage&Current measurements?   I want...
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  • 3458A memory option -001 ...

    Hello - I have an Agilent 3458A unit (Malaysian built) and want to extend memory with option -001. Normally one needs to replace PAL device U102 with a modified logic content ...   On the Keysight website - the...
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  • What is Digital Insulation Testers?

    **** Brand digital 31/2 digits Insulation Tester model 954, 5kv multi-range (1kv-2.5kv-5kv) and Insulation up to 200 G???, having a lot of features like Ac Voltage measurement up to 600V, Phase sequence test up to 100...
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  • AErr on U1242B

    I recently had a battery leak on my U1242B. I cleaned up the corroded contacts the best I could. I also had one of the contacts on the back of the PCB corrode slightly where the battery cradle contacts touches the mai...
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  • the power adapter specifications of U1252B multimeter

    Could you please tell me the power adapter specifications of U1252B multimeter? Is it just a regular 24 VDC power adapter or is it a special charger?
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  • 0.0 Ohm measured using 34401A

    Hi, I am using 34401A for 4-wire resistance measurement at the point of contact between gold-plated copper contacts. These contacts are just physically touching under a normal force which varies between 1 to 100...
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  • U1282A - How to reduce the VSense sensitivity?

    Hello   I had to drill a hole in the wall in potential line of the power line. So I thought of the VSense function of my Keysight - U1282A to check if there are wires hidden in the wall where I want to drill. &#...
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  • U1272A

    Hello   I have a couple of U1272A devices, that I want to communitcate with using C code. I can see them on my device manager as a com ports.   My question is, where I can find a list of commands to get re...
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  • L4534A Selftest - Overvoltage Protection test failed

    Hi at all,     does anyone have detailed information about the Selftest of the L4534A Digitizer? How does the self test works? The overvoltage protection test is sometmes failed, if the unit is in warm con...
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  • 3458A AC Adjustment with 5700A

    I there. I have a 3458A multimeter that we have repaired, after some errors showing on the display caused by the Dallas NVRAMs and Multislope Rundown and ADC Errors and so on. We switched the 2 dalas NVrams and the on...
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  • Reading measurements without interrupting measurement

    Hello, I am attempting to create a program that will setup measurement of the 34465A and continuously send data to PC without interrupting the measurement.   I set up measurement with an infinite trigger, th...
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  • 34461A DMM data logging with 34980A DAQ

    Hello. I am measuring voltage drop on several DUTs at externally triggered intervals with my Keysight 34980a DAQ and 34922a Multiplexer Module. I want to add operating current measurements, but the Multiplexer Module ...
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  • Thermistor for 34420A

    Hello,    I need to measure the ambient temperature with the 34420A and I was planning to use a thermistor,  but I'm not sure what Beta value the thermistor should have.  Please advise.   T...
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  • How to activate my 34465A DMM

    Hi  I have purchased a 34465A DMM with the transportable license, Idk how to activate this license on my computer.  Another question is what is the certificated number when I am creating my account? I only...
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  • What are the connectors on the 4339B high resistance meter?

    I've bought a 4339B, which I have not got yet. There are several different connectors on the front, and I could not determine what they are   The interlock connector - perhaps a Lemo of some type ??? The grou...
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  • SCPI Error 211 Trigger Ignored

    Hi, I'm trying to take readings quickly via my c# app, but testing out in Command Expert first, my last command causes a SCPI Error "211 Trigger Ignored", I can't find any info about why it was ignored, has anyone res...
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  • SendSoftwareTrigger 34410

    Hi,   I'm building an app using the IVI-COM drivers using the direct driver instantiation. I am successfully connecting to two DVM's and talking single readings from both, however I now want to trigger with enco...
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