• 34465A Frozen in Error Code

    Hi,   A34465A Error Codes seems to freeze LabVIEW after a few hours of operation.   I never had this before (in the past 3-4 years). We sent out the DMM  for calibration and now it seems to be an issu...
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  • Meterlogger for U1282A

    Hi, I've had a look at this post, (Win10 support for logging s/w ), for additional guidance but still can't get my software to run properly, this is on both an up to date Windows 10 and a Windows 8.1 install. Ba...
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  • U1253B display problem

    Hello and a happy new year,      I have a U1253B multimeter for 5 years now that I love to use because of the oled display. I always had the brightness to the lowest setting. Suddenly the display ...
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  • Getting a "Trigger Too Fast" error at the end of an AutoCal on a 3458A.

    Nothing is connected to the terminals. I work in a service center and have never seen this error before. Will this need to be sent in to Keysight for repair?
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  • 34465A returns u'\n' on "READ?" using pyvisa

    I'm using PyVISA on python 2.7 to read a 34465A DMM over TCP.  I am able to execute an "*IDN?" query and it returns the correct value, however the "READ?" query simply returns u'\n'.  I've tried several vari...
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  • Looking for 3D drawings for the 34450A

    Any typ of 3D drawing of the 34450a or look alike.
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  • Minus values issue in digitizing

    Hello,   We are using Keysight 34465A 6 ½ Digit Multimeter for testing power consumtion of low power sensor. But we got stuck on calibration of device. I saw this e-mail in keysight forum and wanted to con...
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  • How do I data log this on my 34465A?

    I need to measure the energy capacity of some AA batteries using a constant resistor source of 100 ohm as the load and Ill  just be measuring votlage to be taken every second until the AA battery reaches 800mV, t...
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  • AgilentLXIWebservice Error on 34465a DMM

    We just purchased a brand new 34465a DMM and have been trying to access it via a web browser.    Every time the unit's internal web page begins to display in the PC's browser the 34465a displays the fol...
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  • Why does not start to measure U1241C in AC Amper mode?

    I have a U1241C DMM. My problem is with it only measuring AC current in A position. Theoretically it allow 10Amp range with a 0.001 resolution. When I switch to this mode to measure a little current, like a 230V/25W b...
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  • E2308A Thermistor being used with a 3458A DMM

    This video shows you how to setup the 3458A DMM to use the E2308A Thermistor probe directly so it converts resistance to temperature through the use of built in calculations. Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlN...
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  • True rms voltmeter??

    Hi, do you have an equivalent product to the old HP3400A true rms volt meter?  The site page for this old product says obsolete and no replacement product.  We need to measure a couple hundred KHz of no...
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  • Measuring AC voltage drop across resistor?

    Have a U1241B handheld multimeter.   Using a function generator with 50ohm output impedance to output a 1Vpp 1kHz sinewave. Then I have a simple voltage divider of 100ohm and 10kohm connected to the func gen out...
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  • 3458A DCV reading with shorting link

    I'm seeing a reading of between -50nV to -700nV on the 100mV range after completing an ACAL 0 and a CAL 0 with a newly cleaned copper shorting link installed.  A friend who also has a 3458A says his behaves the s...
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  • Does the Syst:Loc command on the 34461A not work?

    Hello,    I've been attempting to get the Syst:Loc command to execute on my 334461A multimeter and I only get an error, even when using the NI:Max application where I couldn't possibly have a coding issue.&...
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  • Command Expert control of 34461A + PSU

    I am trying to get Command Expert running to act as a starter for a Visual Studio 2017 (VB.NET Form) project.  I can connect to and operate my 34461A Meter but I am struggling to connect a Rigol DP832A PSU. ...
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  • As to 3458A digitizing mode

    Do anyone know how to setup the digitizing mode in 3458A multimeter? I have an outdoor measurement that needs us to measure and record the data of AC voltage (about 24 hours). I know that 3458A has a property of ...
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  • Change default setup

    Hi there, I could not change default setup on my U1241C, any answer for that? Thanks.
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  • Cyclic Noise from B2902A SMU

    Cyclic noise was found from B2902A SMU.   Connecting a Si SBD 1N5822 to B2902A SMU in 2-wire mode (connecting to the two force terminals) and observing the terminal voltage using TDS220 oscilloscope, I found...
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  • U1253B firmware update nowhere to be found?

    I see references in service bulletins to firmware version 2.26, official documentation on how to do a firmware update, and there's even a thread in this forum on that, but the Drivers, Firmware & Software page on ...
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