• U1253B display problem

    Hello and a happy new year,      I have a U1253B multimeter for 5 years now that I love to use because of the oled display. I always had the brightness to the lowest setting. Suddenly the display ...
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  • Display AGILENT U1253B

    Where can I find a replacement for the display from a Agilent U1253B OLED multimeter?Has become very dim. PN is U1253-66517   Thx
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  • High Frequency Voltage Measuring

    Dear friends:   I need to measure True RMS voltage in the range of 500 KHz to 5 MHz with an accuracy better than 1% what instrument do you recommend me to do this   Thanks in advance  Best regards&#...
    created by DiegoJGB
  • Data Logging with 34450A

    Dear All, I am writing to you because I need your help in order to log some voltage measurements. I navigated through the Data Log menu but I cannot understand the kind of settings I should implement. In particular, ...
    created by gchrist
  • HP3458A err message

    Can anyone tell me what "err" means (other than the obvious!). I get it when either turning on HP3458A or when doing a "test" function from the front panel. The "err" message appears when it finishes doing ROM and RAM...
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  • 3458A with error 202

    3458A....Occasionally I see Error 202,"Hardware Failure -- Test: DC Board" and I can see in manual that it should be board A1. The error comes up maybe once in every week and disappears again after a few power off/on ...
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  • 34401A SCPI RS-232 & 410 error

    Hi all, I am using TI Multi-Cal-System (Evaluation Module + EVM Software)to calibrate PGA309, the 34401A is connected directly to my PC's RS232 port (com1). I keep getting -410 error when I run the calibration.  ...
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  • 3458A Error 202 Secondary Convergence: How to best isolate the faulty card

    The manual for the 3458A is vague in respect to Error 202 Secondary Test Convergence in that it calls out cards A1 and A3 without any steps to isolate which card is at fault.  My question: How do I determ...
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  • U1253A OLED display fading

    Hello, I have a U1253A multimeter that I bought in 2009. A couple of months ago, I noticed that the brigthness of the OLED display notoriously decreased up to a point that the readings can be hardly seen at a normal ...
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  • Can't download KeysightFirmwareUpdateUtility_1_0_27_0 from the web

    Hi, From below link, I can't download the "Firmware Update Utility". When I click it " Firmware Update Utility" , it just show nothing... 34460A/34461A/34465A/34470A Firmware | Keysight    Do anyone have...
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  • Comparing Agilent's 34401A to the 34410A and 34411A

    The 34401A is Agilent's most popular digital multimeter, building on its success the 34410A and 34411A Digital Multimeter offer many updated features. Starting with the front panel, the 34410A and 34411A offer a dual ...
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  • Download 34410A data log via USB?

    I have logged data on the 34410A that I'd like to download via USB. I have the "Interactive IO" application running on my PC, but I don't know the command to read that data log. I can't even find a comprehensive comma...
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  • 34410A autorange issue when selected resistance

    Hello!   Somebody asked last year about that issue, so i will ask it again.   I have noticed on my 34410A a problem which is more frequent if i choose continuity mode, and than select resistance mode, on t...
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  • Timeout using IVI Driver and hp34470

    When using the keysight IVI driver to programm a data acquisition for a 34470 multimeter, I get only timeout errors. I have the keyisght I/O libraries installed, but use LabWindows to develop the application on Win 7...
    created by kora
  • Looking for Commands for U1242C or U1273A using U1173 PC Connectivity Cable

    Hi, I would like to integrate automated measurements into my application.  Are there commands available to read current and voltage from the handheld DMM U1273A?  The Driver installed automatically on Windo...
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  • 3458A mesurement of noise on DC within determined bandwith

    I would like to know if it possible to use the 3458A in order to mesure the noise (some microvolts rms) present in a DC source within a predetermined bandwith for example 0,1 to 10 Hz or 10Hz to 10Khz (purpose me...
    created by jfphp
  • u1253b crocodile clip intermitent,

    I found the other day that my Keysight U1253B was giving strange results, it was showing a fuse was open when it was not, on checking the meter, I found that the "Negative" crocodile was not making contact, it had b...
    created by SATMAN001
  • 34461A Firmware update 3.02 hangs

    Trying to update the 34461A DMM Firmware from V2.17 to 3.02. The unit appears stuck showing "Updating Firmware, do not power down." It has been more than 1 hour?? Any suggestion???   Guy
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  • Handheld Meter Logger Software Scale Value Display?

    Hello,   I am using the Handheld Meter Logger software with a U1272A.  I have a current clamp probe connected to the meter and am using the SCALE function in the meter.  I have also enabled the NULL fe...
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  • 34461A firmware update to 3.01 hangs

    Hope someone can help here. After I updated my 34461A to FW v3.02, it says update error after the reboot. I then update it to 3.01 and now after bootup, the screen hangs. Please see attached photo. All keys are not r...
    created by kevinlee16888