• Ranges of insulation resistance tester U1451A

    Hello,   I'm interested in an insulation resistance tester U1451A. But it is not clear for me, what are the measurement ranges. I assumed that the ranges are   6MΩ 60MΩ 600MΩ 6GΩ 60GΩ   but this ...
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  • U1241B temperature accuracy

    I have aU1241B multimeter which is under a year old and from new I have been wondering about the temperature reading. When no sensor is connected the reading is 5 degrees C off. The room temperature is about 23C and t...
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  • U1213A Handheld Clamp Meter "AC+DC" Setting

    Hi all,   I have been using this clamp meter for around 2 years. At most of the time i use it to measure DC and AC current on my product. When I'm measuring current of a DC circuitry, I will press Shift to ...
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  • USB-IR Connectivity Issue on U1273A DMM with Windows 10 and U1173A Adapter

    I own an older U1273A Multimeter (Agilent Branded) running the original firmware. I have an existing U1173A USB to IR adapter that used to work on a Windows XP or 7 machine. I now have a Windows 10 machine. I am able ...
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  • u1253b dual display -odd behavior resistance measurement

    When measuring a resistance on the meter, I get the following: resistance mode  1.06ohms  (1 ohm resistor, 1% ) seems reasonable, leads were not nulled   If I hit dual display I get the following mV ...
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  • I have a HP34401A that will not read the 0.5 VDC offset on a 60 hz sinewave 2 Vp-p in the "auto" mode but works fine in the manual mode.

    Setup is from a HP33120A arb generator, 2 V p-p, 60 Hz, +0.500 VDC offset.  Meter set to auto mode with normal 5-1/2 digit display when powered up.  The display does not auto-switch to read the 0.500 volts. ...
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  • 34461A DMM -  time between samples (0.2 PLC, 1ms trigger delay)

    In the 34461A DMM in the table "performance versus measurement speed", we can read for  a 0.2 PLC 100 Readings/s, but where does it come from? Because 3 ms of integration time + 1ms of delay (immediate sample) gi...
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  • Why does a 4-Wire resistance measurment on a 34401A with no leads connected report a short when the range is set to 100 ohms?

    I have multiple 34401A that we use for automated testing and recently noticed that the value is a short when nothing is connected(including leads) and the ranged is fixed at 100 ohms.  This includes front an...
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  • 33461a: Bar meter

    I just received my meter and like it a lot. I don't understand how to set up the bar meter as a null meter. if I set it up as -5 to 0 to +5 the bar is from the left. So the bar grows from the -5 to 0 when the value ...
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  • Current limiting on 34461A

    I am testing some DC2DC modules from a PSU. Is it possible to connect PSU to PCBs through 34461A (current measurement mode) and limit the current? I couldn't see any option to limit the current.  
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  • 34410A Ohmmeter problem

    Hi, I have a problem with my 34410A: everything is OK except Ohmmeter.I tested with 0.01% resistor, 100, 1k, 10k, 100k, 1Meg and 10Meg and used my 34970A for DC current measurement (equivalent to 34401A). If I ...
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  • Problem downloading firmware update for U1253B

    I'ver been trying for the past several days to download the latest firmware for my U1253B DMM (version 2.26), but every time I click on the download link I get the message: "Access Restriction. An Unexpected Error Occ...
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  • GPIB cable length

    I use the 34401A DMM and connect it via GPIB to my computer. Two questions: What is the maximum cable length between the DMM and my computer with this type of connection? How close can a GPIB cable run next to a 230...
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  • 34461A: Current measurement causes reboots on Android. Why?

    Hi, I'm doing continuous (every 0.5s) current measurements with a 34461A on an Android device. The multimeter somehow interferes with the device so it reboots. For one device it's when it's booting, for another ...
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  • Will IO Libraries 16.3 get data from a generic "virtual com port"?

    I have a new project where I need to grab a voltage from a  34410A  DMM (via USB?, other possibilities better?) and a number string from a USB micro-controller which appears  as a "virtual com port via ...
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  • 3458A TEMP? and CAL?59 & CAL?60 temps.

    I started adjusting this 3458A and looked at the temperatures:                          ...
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  • 3458A display brightness

    Is there a way to adjust the display brightness on the 3458A multimeter.  Sorry, this thread looked closest  so here I am.  
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  • Escort ELC-3131D

    Hi there, I couldn't find a forum for LCR-meters, so I just put my post here. I have an Escort ELC-3131D LCR-meter and it keeps displaying "FUSE", even after I replace the fuse, either for 127 V: 125mA and for 220 V: ...
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  • Monitoring internal temperture for 3458A

    I am running a 24 hr. test with a temperture data aquisition system. During this time the 3458A is reading ohmf on approx. 300  multiplexed channels. I would like to know if I can setup the 3458A to record into m...
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  • errors due to multimeter

    I have the Agilent 34410A digital multimeter connected in series with a driver supplying 500 uAmps to a inductor coil.  Is there anything that I should take care of in my setup to prevent the multimeter from addi...
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