• 3458A display brightness

    Is there a way to adjust the display brightness on the 3458A multimeter.  Sorry, this thread looked closest  so here I am.  
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  • Escort ELC-3131D

    Hi there, I couldn't find a forum for LCR-meters, so I just put my post here. I have an Escort ELC-3131D LCR-meter and it keeps displaying "FUSE", even after I replace the fuse, either for 127 V: 125mA and for 220 V: ...
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  • Monitoring internal temperture for 3458A

    I am running a 24 hr. test with a temperture data aquisition system. During this time the 3458A is reading ohmf on approx. 300  multiplexed channels. I would like to know if I can setup the 3458A to record into m...
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  • errors due to multimeter

    I have the Agilent 34410A digital multimeter connected in series with a driver supplying 500 uAmps to a inductor coil.  Is there anything that I should take care of in my setup to prevent the multimeter from addi...
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  • benchlink version 1.1 datalogging software

    Hello Forum users, does anyone know if it is possible to obtain  benchlink ver1.1  software now?  
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  • U1253A Cap measuring issues?

    Hello, I own the U1253A. I'm very happy with it overall, but do have an issue or two. The main thing being response time when measuring low values of capacitance. While measuring a 33pF cap for example, it can take ...
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  • U1272A smooth mode

    According to the manual the is a very minimum of explanations about the use of the smooth mode. The number of settings like 0000 to 9999 gives lots of possible settings, with out giving some examples or suggestions....
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  • 34411A firmware

    Luke;  My 34411A has firmware 2.37 which is not listed as the official version. However is there a new firmware update in the works? If so do you know when. Thank you. Steve Manion. 
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  • E1412A DMM Accuracy

    re: E1412A DMM Accuracy How do I interpret this? In my manual, under "DC Summary", it says Voltage accuracy (dc) = +/- .0019% Then, "DC Accuracy +/-(% of reading + % of range)" So I understand the % of reading and...
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  • HP34401: a possible IC killer, beware!

    Hi, I was innocently using an HP34401 to check for shorts in a circuit (Ohms -2wire), and I had strange results. I took a USD50 multimeter, and I had different results. Then I measured the voltage on the leads of the...
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  • Agilent 34405A firmware update problem

    Hi, we have problem using two Agilent 34405A via USB on the same computer. We have the same behaviour as stated here : http://forums.ni.com/t5/Instrument-Cont ... -p/1037020 The serial number seem to be corrupted r...
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  • Agilent 3458A Uncertainty Calculation

    I'm trying to do an expanded uncertainty calculation for my Agilent 3458 Digital Multimeter.  I noticed when looking at the specifications that there are many errors including RMS noise, linearity, and a temperat...
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  • HP3458A err message

    Can anyone tell me what "err" means (other than the obvious!). I get it when either turning on HP3458A or when doing a "test" function from the front panel. The "err" message appears when it finishes doing ROM and RAM...
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  • Accuracy problem with U1253A depends on backlight position +

    After having a different issue with the U1253A (and getting no reply), I've noticed a few more problems with the meter. The first is the fact when I'm measuring capacitors with the null option on, the range icon doesn...
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  • Error installing 34410A drivers on Windows 7 32-bit

    Hi! I'd like to install IVI COM/IVI C driver on my Windows 7 Professional 32-bit machine. I downloaded and installed IO Library Suite 16_1_14931. I tried to run some utilities, they seem to be working properly. I then...
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  • DMM measuring negative value

    Hi... I am using 34980A internal DMM... I encounter an issue with DMM measuring negative value on resistance, anybody have encountered this, any possible solution? (DMM still not yet due for calibration) We tried ena...
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  • U1273A mV range problem

    I just got my U1273A multimeter, and I was testing it out with some sample circuits I had lying around. I had a 555 astable timer circuit with a lowpass filter across the output. On my oscilloscope, I read 18mV RMS vo...
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  • U1233A problem

    I have just purchased a U1233A multimeter, I installed the batteries which were included in the box and I turned it on. After a few minutes I discovered two major problems! 1. In the resistance measurement, the valu...
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  • Agilent 4338B

    I use an Agilent 4338B Milliohmmeter with my work to measure the AC impedance of batteries. I have followed the instructions for short calibrations and have changed the settings to what is appropriate for the batteri...
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  • U1253B strange behavior

    I got a U1253B (the Ole dmultimeter ) a few weeks ago. It has some strange behavior. When switching from ohms to mV the meter will read something like 1200 mV and this value will slowly creep upwards until it displays...
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