• Looking for 3D drawings for the 34450A

    Any typ of 3D drawing of the 34450a or look alike.
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  • Why does not start to measure U1241C in AC Amper mode?

    I have a U1241C DMM. My problem is with it only measuring AC current in A position. Theoretically it allow 10Amp range with a 0.001 resolution. When I switch to this mode to measure a little current, like a 230V/25W b...
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  • E2308A Thermistor being used with a 3458A DMM

    This video shows you how to setup the 3458A DMM to use the E2308A Thermistor probe directly so it converts resistance to temperature through the use of built in calculations. Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlN...
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  • Measuring AC voltage drop across resistor?

    Have a U1241B handheld multimeter.   Using a function generator with 50ohm output impedance to output a 1Vpp 1kHz sinewave. Then I have a simple voltage divider of 100ohm and 10kohm connected to the func gen out...
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  • Change default setup

    Hi there, I could not change default setup on my U1241C, any answer for that? Thanks.
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  • U1242B GUI error before measurement start

    I am not able to start a measurement with my U1242B multimeter and the most recent data logging software (Keysight Handheld Multimeter Logger v2.0.0.0, version 3.1.51130.01. Firmware version of my U1242B:, MY55100300...
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  • Ranges of insulation resistance tester U1451A

    Hello,   I'm interested in an insulation resistance tester U1451A. But it is not clear for me, what are the measurement ranges. I assumed that the ranges are   6MΩ 60MΩ 600MΩ 6GΩ 60GΩ   but this ...
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  • U1241B temperature accuracy

    I have aU1241B multimeter which is under a year old and from new I have been wondering about the temperature reading. When no sensor is connected the reading is 5 degrees C off. The room temperature is about 23C and t...
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  • U1213A Handheld Clamp Meter "AC+DC" Setting

    Hi all,   I have been using this clamp meter for around 2 years. At most of the time i use it to measure DC and AC current on my product. When I'm measuring current of a DC circuitry, I will press Shift to ...
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  • USB-IR Connectivity Issue on U1273A DMM with Windows 10 and U1173A Adapter

    I own an older U1273A Multimeter (Agilent Branded) running the original firmware. I have an existing U1173A USB to IR adapter that used to work on a Windows XP or 7 machine. I now have a Windows 10 machine. I am able ...
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  • u1253b dual display -odd behavior resistance measurement

    When measuring a resistance on the meter, I get the following: resistance mode  1.06ohms  (1 ohm resistor, 1% ) seems reasonable, leads were not nulled   If I hit dual display I get the following mV ...
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  • I have a HP34401A that will not read the 0.5 VDC offset on a 60 hz sinewave 2 Vp-p in the "auto" mode but works fine in the manual mode.

    Setup is from a HP33120A arb generator, 2 V p-p, 60 Hz, +0.500 VDC offset.  Meter set to auto mode with normal 5-1/2 digit display when powered up.  The display does not auto-switch to read the 0.500 volts. ...
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  • 34461A DMM -  time between samples (0.2 PLC, 1ms trigger delay)

    In the 34461A DMM in the table "performance versus measurement speed", we can read for  a 0.2 PLC 100 Readings/s, but where does it come from? Because 3 ms of integration time + 1ms of delay (immediate sample) gi...
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  • Why does a 4-Wire resistance measurment on a 34401A with no leads connected report a short when the range is set to 100 ohms?

    I have multiple 34401A that we use for automated testing and recently noticed that the value is a short when nothing is connected(including leads) and the ranged is fixed at 100 ohms.  This includes front an...
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  • 33461a: Bar meter

    I just received my meter and like it a lot. I don't understand how to set up the bar meter as a null meter. if I set it up as -5 to 0 to +5 the bar is from the left. So the bar grows from the -5 to 0 when the value ...
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  • Current limiting on 34461A

    I am testing some DC2DC modules from a PSU. Is it possible to connect PSU to PCBs through 34461A (current measurement mode) and limit the current? I couldn't see any option to limit the current.  
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  • 34410A Ohmmeter problem

    Hi, I have a problem with my 34410A: everything is OK except Ohmmeter.I tested with 0.01% resistor, 100, 1k, 10k, 100k, 1Meg and 10Meg and used my 34970A for DC current measurement (equivalent to 34401A). If I ...
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  • Problem downloading firmware update for U1253B

    I'ver been trying for the past several days to download the latest firmware for my U1253B DMM (version 2.26), but every time I click on the download link I get the message: "Access Restriction. An Unexpected Error Occ...
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  • GPIB cable length

    I use the 34401A DMM and connect it via GPIB to my computer. Two questions: What is the maximum cable length between the DMM and my computer with this type of connection? How close can a GPIB cable run next to a 230...
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  • 34461A: Current measurement causes reboots on Android. Why?

    Hi, I'm doing continuous (every 0.5s) current measurements with a 34461A on an Android device. The multimeter somehow interferes with the device so it reboots. For one device it's when it's booting, for another ...
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