• HP3458A err message

    Can anyone tell me what "err" means (other than the obvious!). I get it when either turning on HP3458A or when doing a "test" function from the front panel. The "err" message appears when it finishes doing ROM and RAM...
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  • 3458A with error 202

    3458A....Occasionally I see Error 202,"Hardware Failure -- Test: DC Board" and I can see in manual that it should be board A1. The error comes up maybe once in every week and disappears again after a few power off/on ...
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  • 3458A Error 202 Secondary Convergence: How to best isolate the faulty card

    The manual for the 3458A is vague in respect to Error 202 Secondary Test Convergence in that it calls out cards A1 and A3 without any steps to isolate which card is at fault.  My question: How do I determ...
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  • U1253A OLED display fading

    Hello, I have a U1253A multimeter that I bought in 2009. A couple of months ago, I noticed that the brigthness of the OLED display notoriously decreased up to a point that the readings can be hardly seen at a normal ...
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  • U1253B display problem

    Hello and a happy new year,      I have a U1253B multimeter for 5 years now that I love to use because of the oled display. I always had the brightness to the lowest setting. Suddenly the display ...
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  • Comparing Agilent's 34401A to the 34410A and 34411A

    The 34401A is Agilent's most popular digital multimeter, building on its success the 34410A and 34411A Digital Multimeter offer many updated features. Starting with the front panel, the 34410A and 34411A offer a dual ...
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  • 34410A autorange issue when selected resistance

    Hello!   Somebody asked last year about that issue, so i will ask it again.   I have noticed on my 34410A a problem which is more frequent if i choose continuity mode, and than select resistance mode, on t...
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  • 3458A mesurement of noise on DC within determined bandwith

    I would like to know if it possible to use the 3458A in order to mesure the noise (some microvolts rms) present in a DC source within a predetermined bandwith for example 0,1 to 10 Hz or 10Hz to 10Khz (purpose me...
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  • Handheld Meter Logger Software Scale Value Display?

    Hello,   I am using the Handheld Meter Logger software with a U1272A.  I have a current clamp probe connected to the meter and am using the SCALE function in the meter.  I have also enabled the NULL fe...
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  • 3458A System Error 114 on Start up

    Hi,   I have a older HP 3458A, SN 2823A18621, that has stated having a System Error 114, Multislope Rundown Conversion on Start up. Then it goes away and passes ACAL. The Keysight Service Note 3458A-07B sta...
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  • Cal Ram Battery

    I have a Agilent 3458A that needs a Cal Ram battery, however, I need to find out the manufacturing date. The SN is 2823A18621 and the is no date on the back of the unit. According to the Keysight instruction...
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  • U1273A vs. U1273AX

    The only difference I can find between the A and AX models is the specified operating temperature range. However, is the difference only due to the fact that the AX comes with and uses AA lithium batteries (which happ...
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  • 3458A boots up with "move JM132 and cycle power".

    Moving JM132  causes no change so instrument is stuck in this loop. Has anyone seen this and a fix?
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  • How to Find Resource Name From IP Address

    My 34461A DMM uses a static IP address.  Connection Expert is able to find the networked resource from the IP address.  How do I do this in my C# application?  I have IO Libraries 18.1 installed.
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  • 34461A Firmware

    When upgrading to firmware 3.0 there was a power blackout and all firmware seems to be lost. I'm no longer able to access user interface. When switching on the DMM I get a message on screen and the DMM halts...
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  • Multimeters 34450A cannot remember settings after restart.

    Hello I have several 34450A multimeters and I have a problem with restoring settings after turning off. I can save and recall settings, but the multimeter is not loading settings after rebooting from memory "Last". I...
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  • 34401A's failing to power up?

    Hi we have several 34401A's which were working fine prior to being put into (climate controlled) storage for 18 months or so. On retrieving the units and testing them, it was found that a number of them failed to powe...
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  • What is the confidence level for Keysight DMM specifications?

    For example, the Keysight 3458A 90-day DC Voltage accuracy specification for a 1 V nominal reading in 1 V range would be 4.9 uV. When using this accuracy specification in an uncertainty budget one needs to k...
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  • How to use the 2nd display on the 34410A DMM

    This video describes how to setup the 34410A or 34411A Digital Multimeter using the front panel to view the 2nd display. While the main display shows DC Volts, the second display will show you the peak to peak voltage...
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  • Agilent 34401A Digital Multimeter, 6.5 Digit DMM Product Demonstration

    The Agilent 34401A is the industries most popular 6.5 digit digital multimeter. The 34401A is a true multimeter as it offers DCV, ACV, DC and AC current, 2 and 4 wire resistance, frequency, period, diode test and much...
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