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Where can I find a replacement for the display from a Agilent U1253B OLED multimeter?Has become very dim. PN is U1253-66517   Thx
in Digital Multimeters
Dear friends:   I need to measure True RMS voltage in the range of 500 KHz to 5 MHz with an accuracy better than 1% what instrument do you recommend me to do this   Thanks in advance  Best regards 
in Digital Multimeters
Dear All, I am writing to you because I need your help in order to log some voltage measurements. I navigated through the Data Log menu but I cannot understand the kind of settings I should implement. In particular, I would like to acquire 10 seconds of voltage measurements at a sampling rate of 100 Hz. I am confused with the terms .... trig… (Show more)
in Digital Multimeters
Hello, I have a U1253A multimeter that I bought in 2009. A couple of months ago, I noticed that the brigthness of the OLED display notoriously decreased up to a point that the readings can be hardly seen at a normal indoor light condition. I can try to adjust the brightness to mid or maximum level,  but there is not any noticeably change. In low… (Show more)
in Digital Multimeters
Hello and a happy new year,      I have a U1253B multimeter for 5 years now that I love to use because of the oled display. I always had the brightness to the lowest setting. Suddenly the display stopped working. It shows nothing. But the multimeter still works great. I hooked up the cable and it measures correctly in all functions and ranges.… (Show more)
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Hi, From below link, I can't download the "Firmware Update Utility". When I click it " Firmware Update Utility" , it just show nothing... 34460A/34461A/34465A/34470A Firmware | Keysight    Do anyone have the copy of the KeysightFirmwareUpdateUtility_1_0_27_0? Or do anyone know where can download it?   Thanks. Tom
in Digital Multimeters
The 34401A is Agilent's most popular digital multimeter, building on its success the 34410A and 34411A Digital Multimeter offer many updated features. Starting with the front panel, the 34410A and 34411A offer a dual display which provides more information about your signal. Temperature and Capacitance measurements along with more ranges have been… (Show more)
in Digital Multimeters
Hello!   Somebody asked last year about that issue, so i will ask it again.   I have noticed on my 34410A a problem which is more frequent if i choose continuity mode, and than select resistance mode, on the display i do get a message "AUTO RANGE", but the multimeter stays in GOhm range if i connect a resistor e.g. 50k or if i short the probes.… (Show more)
in Digital Multimeters
I have logged data on the 34410A that I'd like to download via USB. I have the "Interactive IO" application running on my PC, but I don't know the command to read that data log. I can't even find a comprehensive command reference for this device.    What command do I use to download the entire data log?
in Digital Multimeters
When using the keysight IVI driver to programm a data acquisition for a 34470 multimeter, I get only timeout errors. I have the keyisght I/O libraries installed, but use LabWindows to develop the application on Win 7 and Win 10 64 bit systems. The interface (USB) is enabled.   I am able to communicate with the multimeter when I use plain VISA… (Show more)
in Digital Multimeters
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