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Moving JM132  causes no change so instrument is stuck in this loop. Has anyone seen this and a fix?
in Digital Multimeters
When upgrading to firmware 3.0 there was a power blackout and all firmware seems to be lost. I'm no longer able to access user interface. When switching on the DMM I get a message on screen and the DMM halts. Message below:   Instrument model number:   34461A Instrument serial number :   MY5320..... Instrument IP address      :… (Show more)
in Digital Multimeters
Hi We are moving from RS232 to USB using multimeter 34461A as the replacement. I've installed the 'Keysight Instrument Control Bundle'. I can see the device connected and working using a USB connection.   I have written c programs to read values back from the device successfully, all works. This is using the USB connection.   I want to move… (Show more)
in Digital Multimeters
i'm looking at the U1733 to measure impedance of a shielded twister pair on our shop floor. Will this meter achieve this? Our lab has a TDR for design and development but not practical for lot testing on the production floor.
in Digital Multimeters
Hello I have several 34450A multimeters and I have a problem with restoring settings after turning off. I can save and recall settings, but the multimeter is not loading settings after rebooting from memory "Last". I am trying to set that after startup the default measurement would be, for example, resistance measurement with the resolution… (Show more)
in Digital Multimeters
Hi we have several 34401A's which were working fine prior to being put into (climate controlled) storage for 18 months or so. On retrieving the units and testing them, it was found that a number of them failed to power up correctly. They all follow the same sequnce which is: Power button is pressed, display comes on for about one second, display… (Show more)
in Digital Multimeters
1A range reads Overload AAC, 3A range reads 25mA with no load. 10A  reads fine.
in Digital Multimeters
For example, the Keysight 3458A 90-day DC Voltage accuracy specification for a 1 V nominal reading in 1 V range would be 4.9 uV. When using this accuracy specification in an uncertainty budget one needs to know what confidence level is assosiate with the specification e.g. 95,45% (k = 2) or 99% (k = 2.576)?
in Digital Multimeters
Is the USB interface of the U2741A modular multimeter optically isolated to prevent ground loops?
in Digital Multimeters
The peak to peak description in the "Compatibility and Differences: 34465A and 34410A..." says it is cumulative in the 34465A model but it does not seem to behave that way. It suggests (and the operating guide uses it in the sample code) to use clear (DATA2:CLEAR) before INIT.   However I get the same result whether or not I use the clear. If it… (Show more)
in Digital Multimeters
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