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For example, the Keysight 3458A 90-day DC Voltage accuracy specification for a 1 V nominal reading in 1 V range would be 4.9 uV. When using this accuracy specification in an uncertainty budget one needs to know what confidence level is assosiate with the specification e.g. 95,45% (k = 2) or 99% (k = 2.576)?
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Is the USB interface of the U2741A modular multimeter optically isolated to prevent ground loops?
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The peak to peak description in the "Compatibility and Differences: 34465A and 34410A..." says it is cumulative in the 34465A model but it does not seem to behave that way. It suggests (and the operating guide uses it in the sample code) to use clear (DATA2:CLEAR) before INIT.   However I get the same result whether or not I use the clear. If it… (Show more)
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Hello,   I would like to take periodic measurements spaced 20 ms apart using the 34461A. I am using previous code I wrote for a 34410A but found the 34461A does not have a sampling:source option so you can only set the trigger delay to determine the spacing between samples. On the 34410A I just set the sampling interval to longer than the… (Show more)
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This video describes how to setup the 34410A or 34411A Digital Multimeter using the front panel to view the 2nd display. While the main display shows DC Volts, the second display will show you the peak to peak voltage and therefore give you more information about the voltage you are measuring. Video:… (Show more)
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The Agilent 34401A is the industries most popular 6.5 digit digital multimeter. The 34401A is a true multimeter as it offers DCV, ACV, DC and AC current, 2 and 4 wire resistance, frequency, period, diode test and much more. It is easy to use on the bench and provides 1000 rdgs/s in a system. Watch this short video:… (Show more)
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Click to view contentHi   I have a multimeter Keysight 34410A. It was used a little.    It have a problem with switching autorange at funcion Resistance. If I switch range mannulaly  2W (ohms) and set autorange It working correctly.    Problem is: I switch from function ACV or CONT to function 2W, when it have running function ACV min. 5-8 second before. Multimeter… (Show more)
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PreTrigger count does not seem to work when TrgSrc is Level and measuring DCV on 34465A FW A.03.00-02.40-03.00-00.52-02-01 The data acquired starts at the triggering level and not 10000 samples before the triggering level.   However, PreTrigger values are in the acquired data when TrgSrc is Ext.   Is this a bug or might I be missing something… (Show more)
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