• 34972A with 34901A Separate Bank Measurements

    I am using the 34972A with 34901A and I want to use the Bank 1 as a multiplexer for my power supply (opening and closing relays to connect to different points), and then Bank 2 for measuring Voltage across various par...
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  • Keysight 34972A - “*OPC?” function stops working properly after AC measurement

    I use 34972A + 34908A 40ch switch. For some reason "*OPC?" command (waiting for the operation to complete stops working after AC measurement request. The measurment is still executed, but "*OPC?" command reply is sent...
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  • daq970a labview

    I foolishly bought the new DAQ970A for my next fixture without checking first that the labview drivers were available.  I cannot get the 34970A drivers to work.  Are there labview drivers for this new model?
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  • Command Expert & 34970A: Measuring Current

    I'm trying to make sure I'm using the right commands with Command Expert before I use Python commands. Using GPIB interface and using the 34901A modules. I am able to display current off the data logger's display...
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  • Keysight 34972A loose communication randomly either usb or lan communication

    Hello I am asking about the Keysight 34972A DAq  it loose connection when it's used with pc either in USB or lan communication  it measure continuously  but sometimes some measurement did not occure ...
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  • c programming for 34970A

    i am biginner programmer,i wante to c# code to retreive values from my instrument 34970A,can you tell me some books and materials to improve.  
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  • DAQM901A Module SCPI Commands for closing the channel terminals

    Hi i am using DAQ970A system module DAQM901A.  I want to close and open  the switches by using SCPI commands.    Can anyone tell me SCPI commands for how to close the Channel 01 H terminal switch  and how to...
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  • Can I get updated firmware for 34970A? What changes exist?

    I have an old HP 34970A, which identifies itself on the bus as   HEWLETT-PACKARD,34970A,0,8-1-2   If my understanding is correct, that means   8 is the firmware revision for the measurement processo...
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  • 34970A - How do I configure different channels to measure different things?

    I’ve programmed quite a few GPIB instruments in the past   * HP 8720D and 8753ES VNAs  * HP 3457A multimeter * HP 5370B time interval counter * HP 70000 series spectrum analyzer  * Stanford R...
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  • 34970A Measuring AC via python script

    Hello there. I am measuring with the DAU 34970A on 3 channels (Temp, DC and AC) and reading them VIA GPIB interface in a python script (windows7, visa package, pyvista 1.4 and python 2.7) reading and writing works...
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  • Excel VBA macro code for 34970A

    Hi I am just learning to use Excel macros for instrument control.  Specifically an Agilent 34970A with 2 34901A modules. I have been studying VBA, Visual Studio 2019, and Excel macros.  I wish to learn how ...
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  • 34970A Data retrieval through RS232

    Hi, all I am trying to connect 34970A to a laptop with RS-232. Two methods 1. RS232 to USB converter As shown in another post, Agilent connection expert cannot identify the instrument, with the error “The inst...
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  • Agilent 34907A digital input/output

    Hi! I just purchased a 34907A that i want to control via the remote interface. 1. How do i configure the I/O to outputs? The digital input/outputs are by default set to input by 1. Factory Reset 2. Instrument PRESET...
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  • 34980 returning empty tuple via LAN connection

    Hi guys,  I am talking ot the device 34980A remotly over ethernet. I have given the device a static IP. I can connect successfully, the device receives the commands but returns an empty tuple and the "error" s...
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  • Agilent.TMFramework missing after IOLibSuite Install

    I am developing a C# program to interface with a Keysight 34972A Data Acquisition system, and am having trouble finding documentation and the necessary DLLs.  The 34970A/34972A Programmer's Reference Help...
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  • Private LAN with switch;  instruments change IP addresses

    I use four instruments on a private LAN.  They are connected by ethernet to a Netgear GS105 switch, which is connected to my computer.   The IP addresses are set to default (DHCP).  Because the address...
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  • Bencklink data logger 3 USB Communication error

    I tried to use the 34970 and labview to collect the voltage and temperature. Fistly, I connect the data logger and bencklink data to download the data, and it does work. However, when I run the labview and try to co...
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  • Help recovering "lost" data???

    I am using Benchlink 1.5 (I know, very old) and a 34970a switch to collect data. After 11 days of scanning, I hit the STOP button at the top of the program and rather than prompt with the dialog saying to hit OK (to "...
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  • ho to read values of agilent e3640a using raspberry pi and ni gpib-usb-hs?

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  • agilent

    how to read the values of the agilent e34401a through gpib using raspberry pi3 and display on lcd?
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