• c programming for 34970A

    i am biginner programmer,i wante to c# code to retreive values from my instrument 34970A,can you tell me some books and materials to improve.  
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  • DAQM901A Module SCPI Commands for closing the channel terminals

    Hi i am using DAQ970A system module DAQM901A.  I want to close and open  the switches by using SCPI commands.    Can anyone tell me SCPI commands for how to close the Channel 01 H terminal switch  and how to...
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  • Can I get updated firmware for 34970A? What changes exist?

    I have an old HP 34970A, which identifies itself on the bus as   HEWLETT-PACKARD,34970A,0,8-1-2   If my understanding is correct, that means   8 is the firmware revision for the measurement processo...
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  • 34970A - How do I configure different channels to measure different things?

    I’ve programmed quite a few GPIB instruments in the past   * HP 8720D and 8753ES VNAs  * HP 3457A multimeter * HP 5370B time interval counter * HP 70000 series spectrum analyzer  * Stanford R...
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  • 34970A Measuring AC via python script

    Hello there. I am measuring with the DAU 34970A on 3 channels (Temp, DC and AC) and reading them VIA GPIB interface in a python script (windows7, visa package, pyvista 1.4 and python 2.7) reading and writing works...
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  • Excel VBA macro code for 34970A

    Hi I am just learning to use Excel macros for instrument control.  Specifically an Agilent 34970A with 2 34901A modules. I have been studying VBA, Visual Studio 2019, and Excel macros.  I wish to learn how ...
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  • 34970A Data retrieval through RS232

    Hi, all I am trying to connect 34970A to a laptop with RS-232. Two methods 1. RS232 to USB converter As shown in another post, Agilent connection expert cannot identify the instrument, with the error “The inst...
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  • Agilent 34907A digital input/output

    Hi! I just purchased a 34907A that i want to control via the remote interface. 1. How do i configure the I/O to outputs? The digital input/outputs are by default set to input by 1. Factory Reset 2. Instrument PRESET...
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  • 34980 returning empty tuple via LAN connection

    Hi guys,  I am talking ot the device 34980A remotly over ethernet. I have given the device a static IP. I can connect successfully, the device receives the commands but returns an empty tuple and the "error" s...
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  • Agilent.TMFramework missing after IOLibSuite Install

    I am developing a C# program to interface with a Keysight 34972A Data Acquisition system, and am having trouble finding documentation and the necessary DLLs.  The 34970A/34972A Programmer's Reference Help...
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  • Private LAN with switch;  instruments change IP addresses

    I use four instruments on a private LAN.  They are connected by ethernet to a Netgear GS105 switch, which is connected to my computer.   The IP addresses are set to default (DHCP).  Because the address...
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  • Bencklink data logger 3 USB Communication error

    I tried to use the 34970 and labview to collect the voltage and temperature. Fistly, I connect the data logger and bencklink data to download the data, and it does work. However, when I run the labview and try to co...
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  • Help recovering "lost" data???

    I am using Benchlink 1.5 (I know, very old) and a 34970a switch to collect data. After 11 days of scanning, I hit the STOP button at the top of the program and rather than prompt with the dialog saying to hit OK (to "...
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  • ho to read values of agilent e3640a using raspberry pi and ni gpib-usb-hs?

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  • agilent

    how to read the values of the agilent e34401a through gpib using raspberry pi3 and display on lcd?
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  • Visa32 C++. Basic operations

    Hello. Is there any way to use functions from Visa32.dll without installing IO Libraries Suite? For example, very simple code: //The program has the name "1.cpp" //For MinGW compilator: //g++ 1.cpp -I"C:\Program Files...
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  • agilent 34903 Actuator/Relay card not working in remote mode

      I have a simple SPDT relay on the 34903A card, hooked into a 34972A DAQ Unit. The COM is a 5V supply from an external source,and I have the NO pin hooked up to an input externally as well. When testing th...
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  • Error 749 on 34970A

    Hi i am getting error like 749 Error occured in application when i start scan in benchlink software,can you tell what is the problem?  
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  • Can you start an SCPI created in Command Expert via VBA?

    So here's the situation: I need to start different SCPI sequences created with Command Expert, one after the other at a precise interval (3secs). Can this be done via VBA by saying something like "start first sequence...
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  • Help with programming Wave Gen. and Oscilloscope

    Hello   I am brand new to using Oscilloscopes and Waveform Generators! I am a masters student in Civil Engineering.   My experiment involves using bender elements (piezotronic that creates signal when vibr...
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