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Click to view contentI am using the 34972A with 34901A and I want to use the Bank 1 as a multiplexer for my power supply (opening and closing relays to connect to different points), and then Bank 2 for measuring Voltage across various parts of my UUT.   The issue I am having is that the bank switch is closing and my bank 2 measurements are off due to the bank switch… (Show more)
I use 34972A + 34908A 40ch switch. For some reason "*OPC?" command (waiting for the operation to complete stops working after AC measurement request. The measurment is still executed, but "*OPC?" command reply is sent immediately, does not wait for the actual end of the measurement. I know it, because when I introduce an additional time delay in… (Show more)
Hello there, i've been using the data aquisitor 34970A for years, and today when i powered it on, it just kept rebooting without allowing me to acces any of its functions. Has anyone a clue about what is happening? Here's a video of my problem
I need to varry the AC voltage using hp33120a generator and to read the data by communicating with GPIB. I feel greattful if anyone  will send VB/Matlab/Labview code. Thank you in advance
I foolishly bought the new DAQ970A for my next fixture without checking first that the labview drivers were available.  I cannot get the 34970A drivers to work.  Are there labview drivers for this new model?
Click to view contentI'm trying to make sure I'm using the right commands with Command Expert before I use Python commands. Using GPIB interface and using the 34901A modules. I am able to display current off the data logger's display so I know it isn't a hardware configuration issue. I'm sure I just don't have the correct measure setup.   This is how I have it… (Show more)
Click to view contentI read "The digital outputs can be configured as active drive or open drain outputs with a 10kΩ pull up" . If I want to use the pull up resistor as seen in the picture. Is there a command I need use to access that pull up resistor and give it a value? Or do I have physically get a resistor and connect it to the input?
Click to view contentHi,   Good day.   I had been using a Benchlink data logger 3 connected to a PC and it was used with a thermocouple for temperature reading. Recently when I tried to run it, the data logger response was very slow and end up with a error message pop up  "ASRL1::INSTR : Operation terminated due to a timeout"   I had try to reboot the PC and change… (Show more)
Hello I am asking about the Keysight 34972A DAq  it loose connection when it's used with pc either in USB or lan communication  it measure continuously  but sometimes some measurement did not occure and a 0 value is displayed it happen randomly sometimes few minutes after beginig of measurement and sometimes after some hours  Can you explain… (Show more)
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