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The manual states that the totalizer function can count at 100kHz frequency.  How do I access this count with the appropriate timestamp?  I have the freebie version of BenchLink and it crashes at any scan interval less than 100msec.   How do I program in SCPI?    Jerry
Click to view contentThis is my first time I am using this keysight module and I am confused on the amount of relays this module has. The datasheet states this has 20 form A relays. When I look D-sub connector pins it looks like each channel has 4 SPST relays. Are those relays already connected to each other and act as one or are they independent of one another. Are… (Show more)
Hey there   I create an interface on Matlab Gui in order to display the values read on two scope DSO-X-3034A. I acquire the 4 analog channel of my two scope and i recorder on txt file.  For doing that, i use this matlab code for one value  objOSC = visa('NI',… (Show more)
Hi! I just purchased a 34907A that i want to control via the remote interface. 1. How do i configure the I/O to outputs? The digital input/outputs are by default set to input by 1. Factory Reset 2. Instrument PRESET 3. Card RESET. How do i configure the ports to outputs? 2. Using command "SOUR:DIG:STATE?" According to 34970 user guide: "Read… (Show more)
Hi guys,  I am talking ot the device 34980A remotly over ethernet. I have given the device a static IP. I can connect successfully, the device receives the commands but returns an empty tuple and the "error" sign goes off when commands are received by the device. I cant even get the name of the instrument " self.write("*IDN?\n")" I am working… (Show more)
I use 34970A connected to computer via rs232.  I have two measurment cards inserted: slot 100 34908A -  8 K-type thermocouple connected slot 300 34902A - 16 K-type thermocuples connected   I use benchlink link dataloger 3 to configure and view data.   All thermocouples hot ends are connected to accurate heat source (250 degrees Celsius)   I… (Show more)
Click to view contentJust because little things bother me... On page 114 of the Edition 4, January 15, 2018, there's a figure with bad references.
 i have to communicate agilent E3640a with raspberry pi 3 using gpib_usb_hs what is  the solution to install driver gpib in raspberry to communicate to agilent e3640a
I would like to use pyvisa on this OS to take readings off of a 34972a, but it is proving difficult.  Is this possible or am I out of luck if I don't use red hat or windows?   Are there any workarounds?   Without the IO library I am still able to get resource names from my switching unit, but I haven't had any luck reading voltages or… (Show more)
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