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Hello, I would like to know how much current goes through a device under test using a 34901A  multiplexer to log a resistance reading? and where is it written down in the manual?
I have an older HP 35670A dynamic Signal Analyzer and would like to add the option for Swept Sine Measurements. The Keysight site says this model is obsolete but still support for the next few years. It also says this option can be installed by the user. Does anyone know how to obtain and install the Swept Sine option? Thanks.
Hello everyone, I have a little problem here. Maybe you can help me with this.   I use an Arduino Uno board and two digital analog converters (DAC) to create two voltage signals 0-5V. If I measure the voltages with a cheap multimeter everything is correct.   If I measure the two signals with my 34970A Data Acquisition + 34901A 20 Channel… (Show more)
Click to view contentHi, I am using the the DAQ970A with the DAQM901A multiplexer card in the first slot. My problem is, that I can not use the measure command for a 4-wire RTD measurement because it is not terminated.   Generally I search the needed commands, try them in the command expert and if they work I export it as Python code, test it there (and normally… (Show more)
I need to use a TP1000 temperature sensor with my DAQ970A using DAQM901A modules but I always get the OVERLOAD value when sending commands to read temperature in Keysight Connection Expert. Can anyone give a hint for what config to use in order to get correct value? I presume I must set a configuration for 1000 ohm in order to use TP1000 but not… (Show more)
In the Technical Over View "DAQ970A/DAQ973A Data Acquisition System"  for the  DAQM902A 16-Channel High-Speed Multiplexer on page 28 it Notes , not recommended for use on AC line without transient protection.        Would either of these work?    MOV-20D471K MOV-20D511K   TVS - Varistors, MOVs | Circuit Protection | DigiKey 
Hello. We are using agilent 34970a. We have installed keysight command expert and when we try to install the command set corresponding to 34970A the following error appears "Failed to install command set '3497x Data Acquisition / Data Logger Switch Unit'.Cryptographic error signing assembly 'c: \ ProgramData \ Keysight \ Command Expert \… (Show more)
Hello all, I am using agilent 34970A. I want to get the voltage waveform from a function generator operating at a frequency of over 1kHz. Is it possible to get the waveform using the 34970A dcV measurement?  
I'm trying to record the resistance value of a thermistor on a PNA. When I send the command "MEAS:RES? (@103)" it's returning a difference value to what I see on the front of the instrument using monitor command. Do I need to configure a setting or is the number format different?   Cheers, Toby
Hello, I hope this is the correct forum section to ask about GPIB interfaces. I have a new 82350C card that I'm trying to use in a XP PC. I've installed Connection Expert v.16.3 Update 2 along with i82350C drivers as suggested in another post, and after that I installed the 82350C card. At first it was recognized correctly, but after a reboot,… (Show more)
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