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Click to view contentI read "The digital outputs can be configured as active drive or open drain outputs with a 10kΩ pull up" . If I want to use the pull up resistor as seen in the picture. Is there a command I need use to access that pull up resistor and give it a value? Or do I have physically get a resistor and connect it to the input?
Click to view contentHi,   Good day.   I had been using a Benchlink data logger 3 connected to a PC and it was used with a thermocouple for temperature reading. Recently when I tried to run it, the data logger response was very slow and end up with a error message pop up  "ASRL1::INSTR : Operation terminated due to a timeout"   I had try to reboot the PC and change… (Show more)
Hello I am asking about the Keysight 34972A DAq  it loose connection when it's used with pc either in USB or lan communication  it measure continuously  but sometimes some measurement did not occure and a 0 value is displayed it happen randomly sometimes few minutes after beginig of measurement and sometimes after some hours  Can you explain… (Show more)
Hi,   I am fairly new to the world of DAQ instruments, and I am having some difficulty finding the specs I need on a DAQ970A device that was provided to me. For example: What is the maximum sample rate for a single channel? Specifically, measuring DC current. The "technical overview" document seems to indicate that it is 85 samples/second, per… (Show more)
The query SYSTem:CTYPe? sould answer "<Company Name>,<Card Model Number>,<Serial Number>,<Firmware Rev>"   From the submoduls, I get "0" instead the serial number I find in the delivery certificat...   1: Write Operation (*IDN?\n) Return Count: 6 bytes 2: Read Operation Return Count: 55 bytes… (Show more)
Hi every one. I want to know the pin out diagram of 8497K attenuator for installation. Thx all.....
Hi every one. Please mention the pin out diagram of hp 33323k attenuator 90db for installation.. Thank u all...
Hi i am using DAQ970A system module DAQM901A. I want to close and open  the switches by using SCPI commands.   Can anyone tell me SCPI commands for how to close the Channel 01 H terminal switch and how to open the Channel 01 L terminal [Please see the picture where blue arrow shows] In Channel 2 L terminal close and the H terminal open.
I have an old HP 34970A, which identifies itself on the bus as   HEWLETT-PACKARD,34970A,0,8-1-2   If my understanding is correct, that means   8 is the firmware revision for the measurement processor 1 is the firmware revision for the input/output processor 2 is the firmware revision for the front panel display processor.   Can the firmware… (Show more)
Hello there. I am measuring with the DAU 34970A on 3 channels (Temp, DC and AC) and reading them VIA GPIB interface in a python script (windows7, visa package, pyvista 1.4 and python 2.7) reading and writing works fine and for the temperature and DC request i am receiving the correct values. however i am having issues getting the correct AC… (Show more)
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