• TestExec SL 7.1.4 - has stopped working

    Hello all....can please somebody help me with one problem : I am using TestExec SL 7.1.4 on a Windows 7, 64 bit and everything is working properly but after when I am closing TxSl Application, almost everytime I am re...
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  • how to build a aglient action with Labview?

    hello all, very regret that nobody reply my question. what i want to ask is if i have made a labview style action, must i install labview software so that it can be executed???? thanks!!  
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  • TestExec 7.1.5 External Sequences using MultiUUT

    Hello all. Im working in a MultiUUT testplan that use external sequences, but someone knows how to handle MultiUUT inside the .seqlib file? Its that posible?  
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  • Can the Report be stored automatically?

    I am using this tester in a R&D environment from the testexec develoment environment.  Everyone likes the "report" to store the test results, because it is easily human readable.  Many people have asked ...
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  • Removing Actions with the HP TestExecSL API

    Hello   I have to replace an Action multiple times in several Testplans. So I wont to program a tool with C# and the TestExecSL API in MSVS.   So fare I can add the new Action at the correct position in th...
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  • How can i get the form login using the activex in VB.NET ? OPUI

    I write the next function but nothing happens TestExecsl1.security.dologindialog() give me an error Com Exception was unhandled, im trying clicking a button to show the login dialog. I hope you can help me. Thank You...
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  • TxSL Learning Materials

    Hello, I came across TestExec S/W at Agilent website and I am interested to know more. May I know what is the best way to expedite my learning process? Where can I get learning materials? Thanks, Jennifer  
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  • error with vee

    error when reinstalling OS windows 7 service pack 1 and reinstalling complete software + vee for hf radio tester. how to rectify this, please help.
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  • Bug or feature: report field <referencing> symbol table

    Hello TestExec Team, I created a report configuration with the "Datalogging Configuration Editor". The report consists of fields which are "referenced to a symbol of this name" in the testplan. If i run a testplan w...
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  • Throughput Multiplier Reporting for cycles > 1

    Hello everybody, I have following Topology: 8 UUTs should be tested with one testplan over many cycles respectively over a loop of time (Menu: Options>Testplan Options>Execution). I enabled the Throughput Mult...
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  • FAQ: TestExec SL Software

    See below the list of FAQ regarding TestExec SL software: 1. The testplan does not run to completion. What is wrong? 2. Can I use NI Labview or LabWindows/CVI with Test Exec SL? 3. What Is the error sequence? When is...
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  • How do I optimize a testplan for speed?

    The following techniques can dramatically reduce execution time of a testplan: 1. Use the profiler to determine which actions are taking the most time, either because one action is being called a lot, or because it ...
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  • Can TestExec SL support real-time communications?

    I would like to find out about the possibilities of linking TestExec with a real time operation system. Are there any solutions available  for Real Time communication using the TestExec application?  
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  • Calling Actions out of Actions

    Hello, considering that I have written a collection of TestExec actions in any programming language e.g. Visual Basic, C or .NET I could come to the idea to reuse code within the action level. So my Idea would be call...
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  • Now Available! Agilent TestExec SL 6.1 Recorded Broadcast

    Missed the live session? :? Not to worry! The WebEx recorded broadcast is now available online. Just log on to www.agilent.com/find/FTevents to explore the new features of the TestExec SL 6.1 - anytime and anyw...
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  • OPUI.NET Example

    Hello, Is there any documentation available about the .Net OPUI example (C:\Program Files\Agilent\TestExec SL 6.1\Examples\OpUI.NET)? I tried to use this example as replacement for the old C++ OPUI, but I get the an...
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  • Tracking SCPI (Text Based) Commands used in TestExec Actions

    Hello, for debugging purposes I would like to know if it is possible to track all the SCPI commands issued on a certain instrument by the instrument actions or switching actions (especially operation complete and stat...
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  • Some basic questions

    Hello, i´m using TestExec 6,1 with path 6.1.1. Some parts are currently unclear, maybe someone can help: 1.) How can i use "Run Seleced Steps" when one of the marked part is a "Call"? Currently it seems n...
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  • Using sub-testgroups

    Hello, this bug will normally never appears... I created a testplan with 90 testgroups where each group is a subgroup of the group before. This works fine up to the group Nr 82 then the text begins to look very stran...
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  • String-Length off test-names

    Hello, for the next patch you should also limit-check the length of test-names. A name with length >1007 chars shuts down testexec without warning. best regards  
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