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Are there instructions on how to use the BenchVue  "App Calibration File"?  If I manually run "normalize" on my test cables does that file get stored in the Fieldfox and how does BenchVue access it?
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Tools: 34972a DAQ, N5764a power supply   I use the DAQ Strip Chart gadget to monitor data in real time.  Is it possible to do this when the DAQ is started within Test Flow?  I've tried it, but all I is a dialog window with "BenchVue Test Flow Sequence in progress..."   thanks,   Hudi
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Click to view contentI did not see a dedicated area for Keysight's Command Expert so I will try here.  I have loaded Command Expert 2019 (Build 1.9.34) and I am trying to install a New Instrument.  It sees all the instruments, connected via USB, and states downloading the SCPI Command Sets but terminates with an error.  Could not load file or assembly… (Show more)
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How do you disable standby on 34460A? The meter goes into standby overnight, then BenchVue no longer updates.
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I'm posting here as there doesn't appear to be a forum dedicated to the Keysight IO Libraries Suite (aka Instrument Control Bundle).   The latest version of the Keysight IO Libraries Suite is terminally broken for the 488.2 APIs even though this code should have been stable for decades.   What happens is that when you try enumerate the GPIB… (Show more)
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Hi everyone!   I am looking for a way to automate instrument control (over GPIB) of my "new" E4402B Spectrum Analyzer picked up at an online auction. It is in the Agilent ESA Series of Spectrum Analyzers. Does anyone know of any E440xB / ESA-Series "Command Sets" exist for use with the "Command Expert" or BenchVue software?   If not, are there… (Show more)
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I would request to have a feature built in, similar to that which is implemented in the DAQ Benchvue Software, where upon clicking the "Stop" logging button, the data is automatically exported to your pre selected export directory.  This has various benefits for the end user.   While making this request, i would additionally request options to… (Show more)
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By connecting BenchVue to the Power meter N1912A I can control the instrument but I can't use any of the tabs in the automatic Test Flow. Is it possible with N1912A ?
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Hi, I want to extract course and position date from the serial control app. I receive the following example NMEA string:   $GPMDA,29.159,I,0.9874,B,,C,,C,,,,C,,T,,M,,N,,M*09 $IIMMB,29.159,I,0.9874,B*4D $YXXDR,P,0.9874,B,Pressure*64 $GPRMC,202952,A,4813.6166,N,01539.84109,E,000.3,,080320,004.5,E,A*03… (Show more)
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hi everybody ... excuse me for my bad english...i'm from italy... i'm a hobbyst and i bought an used 54621a oscilloscope...great for me!!! The question is: BenchView software is functionally with my 54621a oscilloscope? I've seen on Keysight Instrument Bundle software specs, that are supported all Keysight intruments, but BenchView Software and… (Show more)
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