• FY2017-Q1 Mini-Workshop: High Speed Digital Basics - III - PCB Post Layout Simulation

    Agenda SIPro/PIPro Overview  Lab1 Warm-up:      Creating a SIPro/PIPro Setup and Signal Integrity Analysis Lab2 SIPro Analysis of DQ Signals from Connector to Memory Lab3 SIPro Analysis of a L...
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  • RF Phased Array Workshop

    Phased Array Design in SystemVue2017 Agenda Ø Phased Array System Design Challenges and Architectures Ø System-level Design Approaches using Keysight SystemVue Ø Simulate RF Phased Array Design Aspects...
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  • Welcome Doc ADS Tips

    ADS小秘诀 (ADS Tips)is a place for us to share design expertise with you. If you would like to ask a question regarding Keysight EEsof EDA software, please go to the EDA software forum or contact your EEsof Support Engin...
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  • Compare SIPro Options Setting.pdf

    This file is about comparing SIPro option setting. if you have any other special requirement, we advice engineers enable ideal ground/power plane, via modeling and mesh domain optimization options.
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  • LTE&LTE-A_4x4_MIMO_Throughput_Test_Solution_Based_on_SystemVue & PXI_2014

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