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 I have already created the layout of the amplifier circuit and the antenna. In the layout window we cannot connect the FET. So in co-simulation I am connecting the FET to see the parameters of the integrated system like PAE, Gain, Drain Efficiency etc before the antenna. But I cannot check the radiation pattern of the antenna. Can anybody tell me… (Show more)
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 I am a EE student.  Are there any test procedures for Latching Current for a SCR ?#
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Hey,    I want to measure power(amplitude) of my device using N9030. But when I am using attenuator, the power dsplayed not show the actual power ( attenuatof effect)> Can you help me how I can add power offset on my N9030 ?   Thankyou very much 
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Hi,  Which Form factor is suitable for PCIE 4.0 & PCIE 5.0 for switch products? CEM, M.2, U.2 or any other Form factor?   Thanks Amlesh Kumar
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I installed Keysight Command Expert, but the add-in for Excel isn't installed automatically. While I was trying to install it manually, the following error occurred (see appendix): signature description coudn't be generated for the givven signature algorithm. How can I solve this problem? Thank you
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Hi, If I press the help button on N5182B's the Apply Multicarrier soft key, It doesn't get a description of the soft key function and the equivalent SCPI Command. Please, How can I do?   Thanks Marica
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I am using E5071C, windows 7. I am following the code here: I have been putting the SCPI commands in one by one into the command expert. Command expert always hangs on the following command and eventually times out. Has anyone else had this problem? SENS1:CORR:CKIT:ECAL:CHAR:STEP?   Note that the following query to get info about the ECAL… (Show more)
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HP 8595A. Does anyone know how to fix frequency centering for span greater than 10MHz?  
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I want to use IntuiLink Waveform Editor for Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators to create my own pulse signal over 33250a generator. When I run it, the error said it needs IO Libraries Suite. But the version of IO Libraries Suite I can get is for win 7,8, and 10, not for win XP. At the same time, the IntuiLink Waveform Editor for… (Show more)
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