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Click to view content  查詢了一下 機器的使用方法, 發現RMS有效值都只能量全畫面, 我使用的機器是DSO-X 3024T 請問如果我想量 區段RMS值 黑色框框 的RMS 有辦法嗎? 另外這個是一個電動工具的堵轉波形, 想請問有沒有同業知道對電池的輸出電流是指RMS還是最大值?
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I have 2 questions - both generic in nature but related in purpose: 1) Is there a consolidated list or database on Keysight's Web site with Equipment Reliability data such as MTBF info available to end users? (I could submit a bounded abridged list only of the equipment I am interested in, but I decided to ask the overall question first as the… (Show more)
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I am using the latest version of IO Suite IOLibSuite_18_1_24715.exe This 2019 software requires MS .net 3.5 for loading .net   v3.5 is now restricted in my work environment as it is deemed a possible security threat This is a recent issue, one that may require us to eliminate your equipment from our site if not resolved any work around… (Show more)
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Hello! I'm new to the forums and to programming digital multimeters so please be patient. I am trying to write C# code that will remotely interact with a 3458A DMM.  When I call the command: "ID?", I occasionally get back the following error: SYNTAX -- *   Expected command header This behavior is not consistent so I haven't found anything that… (Show more)
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Hi,   I imported my PCB layout from Altium Designer in ODB++ format as recommended in ADS. The problem is I do not see any of my components in ADS SIPro/PIPro set up. As a result, I cannot change the parameters of the capacitors and etc.. Nets, substrate and pins are imported but not the components.   Did I miss out anything? Anyone knows how… (Show more)
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Hello All,   I just wanted to know How to generate the Time-domain LTE signals in ADS ? I am working on Envelope Tracker design and wanted to see the time-domain waveform of a LTE signal.    
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Hello,I am trying to simulate inductance of a wire through Cadence layout editor and Momentum.After setting up momentum-virtuoso, I tried to run a momentum simulation. I get Error(ADE-3036) which, as I understand, is related to running cadence in 64-bit mode. Normally, It can be fixed  from the ADE L window by going to setup-enviroment-run with 64… (Show more)
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Hi there, I am writing a program to upload an arbitrary waveform to the 33120A function generator. My goal is to create a square wave where I can set the duty cycle lower than the 20% limit on built-in square wave.   It looks like I can send anywhere from 8 to 16,000 points and then set the frequency. But I am not sure if the frequency applies to… (Show more)
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I can not find any information how to set CX3324A waveform analyzer from Run mode to Single mode acquisition programmatically. There are no any command in CX3300 Programmers guide that does it. Samples of programs do not contain such examples. Help me, please.
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