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Any example  in perl on how to connect via telnet? use IO::Socket; # Change to your instrument's hostname my $instrumentName = "xxxxx"; # Get socket $sock = new IO::Socket::INET ( PeerAddr => $instrumentName, PeerPort => 5024, Proto => 'tcp', ); die "Socket Could not be created, Reason: $!\n" unless $sock;   I can connect manually but with… (Show more)
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Tester 4070 encountered "Hang" issue when inserted Repeat Until for specific device in one of test module. How to overcome this problem?
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Hello,   To remote control the Anite Propsim FS8 through LAN interface and send ATE commands, I am using Python Programming. Step 1: Using Client programming, I am able to connect to the Instrument Propsim. Step2: I should read back a msg from Propsim - On which port will I get the data from Propsim Step3: I need to send ATE commands to… (Show more)
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Hello everyone, i have a problem whit BT-BASIC, double characters appear when writing. Example: ggeett ""tteessttppllaann"". I have the Agilent Medalist version i3070 07.20pd 0808 WN. Does someone know how to resolve this problem?
Hi   has any one got any experience of using the Propsim F32 for the modelling HF channels as per ITU-R F.1487 (see attached) ?   I'm specifically looking how to model the required frequency spread of the taps, I've tried using the Doppler spread property of the tap but it doesn't seem to allow me to input a number other than 0!   My other… (Show more)
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Keysight calibration certificates provide a classification for the results, e.g. A, B or R. Can somebody provide a list and definition for all classifications? Does the method of classification meet current Keysight procedure?
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Using : Python 2.7.14 pyVisa MSOX2024a   I am measuring current on my device for a long period of time (hours) I would like to store the readings on my pc using python/pyVisa and friends.   What should i set in the SCPI ,  ( Trigger , Swap ,,.....) that will enable the capture of the  V pk-pk's , any python example for it will help.  … (Show more)
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