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Click to view contentHello, from time to time I get such a problem, that I get multiple instance of same instrument on address 16, and I don't know how to remove them. Simple remove command does not remove them from list. Usually only what I found that it functions is complete uninstall and install of connection expert.
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I’ve been having an issue reading out an M9710A in a two-slot AXIe chassis.  I am using a 200 mV peak-to-peak sine wave test signal, and I found that I get an error if the range or offset are set so that part of the sine wave is outside of the covered range.  I get error -1074118643 and the error message “AgMD2:  ADC is in overrange, acquisition… (Show more)
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Is there a way to assign the value of a marker, say at 80 MHz on s21 sweep and then apply this value as a variable in optimization goal or target?
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Click to view contentHi, I am using visa.NET imported into Matlab and I can't disable sending end of the line after a command, even though I set SendEndEnabled to Disabled. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?     Thank you for any advice
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I have experience with VEE software.  I am asked to program an NI cRIO-9036 hardware.  Can I do it using VEE?  I don't want to deal with LabVIEW.
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Hi. How upgrade firmware, revision A1.09.01 for EPM Series Power Meter (E4418B) using Windows 10? Thanks
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Hello, rencently,I‘ve got a problem .I have tried many ways but still I can't fix it.       I have obtained the TSMC 18rf deisgn kit file and intend to use the TSMC 18rf process library in ads2017. And here is my detailed operation process:       ① I select the. Defs file to import the process library file through“ designkits - > Manage favorite… (Show more)
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Do you have  a datasheet or catalog for 11500FC18 and 11500EC02?
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Hi all,   I am currently using tightVNC viewer for remote access to a VNA and am running into a connection error. The first time I ran the program and entered the IP address the viewer connected fine to the VNA with no problem. However after I try to log back in into the viewer I get an error window with following message: A connection attempt… (Show more)
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Hello,   I am a new user to VEE programming. I just started last week. I am stuck with few problems. Can someone please help me with the error. I measure the current for a count of 705. After that I want to send the values to excel. I get an error code of 830 when i try to do this. I directly write the variables (allocated as array initially)… (Show more)
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