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I have a USBTMC device prototype   In (with VISA-COM 5.0 library reference), I can open a session using: Dim manager as New Ivi.Visa.Interop.ResourceManager Dim session as Ivi.Visa.IMessage = manager.Open(<valid resource name>) I wanted to get a list of available USB resources using FindRsrc method (manager.FindRsrc("USB0::?*")). I was… (Show more)
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Hi All,   How to measure the mutual coupling experimentally using the "e5061b network analyzer" between WPT transmitter coil and receiver coil?   I really appreciate any help you can provide.
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1. 用Connection Expert里面选IVT SAMPLING 设定好通道:。。。然后可以设置成固定的电压或电流源。流程如下:     1. 找到I/V-t Sampling, 并点上      2. 点击"Recall"      3. 在"Channel"的设定"Unit", 看用哪个通道      4. 在"Channel"的"Mode"上选择电压源(V)或电流源(I)  和"COMMAND"      5. 设定时间, 电压值或电流值      6. Scale设定linear      7. 按"执行"键 2. 现在我们想第三方软件发送指令实现以上操作,具体发送指令如附件。 但是目前执行下来发现,我们的指令没有达到Connection… (Show more)
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Hi I have HP8594A spectrum analyzer and i am trying to back up Correction Contansts  but analyzer appears to reset when Edit Fflatness is initiated. More info : Following service manuals instructions, using -37 Hz password, "srvc" appears on the left down corner, next if i push "VERIFY TIMEBASE" the Timebase Number appears and everything… (Show more)
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Hi all,   We just bought refurbished Agilent J2127A Transmission Test Sets.  We would like to use this test set by remote control software via LAN. Problem is now that it requires Java version PJEE 3.1 ( Personal Java emulation environment 3.1).which is not available anymore on Oracle Java software download website. Does anyone know where to get… (Show more)
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I am trying to connect to a B1500a using Keysight connection expert. I am using a gpib-usb-hs cable from NI and have the NI drivers to interface with cable and Keysight connection expert 2020. The active light is on (orange) on the NI connector. I have attached a picture of the Keysight connection interface. Does anyone know if the b1500a is… (Show more)
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Dear all, I have one issue while simulating band pass filter layout in ADS using short circuited stub. I am getting the following error: Polyline edges and/or wires have been found on STRIP layer <mask 2> and will be ignored. Their location has been written to the DRC report.   Can any one comment on the same?   Thanks & Regards, Vedang
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Hi I am thinking of using 34980A System with some 34924A Multiplexer Modules. I read that there is availability of Internal Analog Buses from the connector at the rear of the mainframe with which one can connect to the Internal DMM and possibly also extend the number of modules. My goal is to multiplex more than 100 channels. So, My question is:… (Show more)
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Hi   I am trying to test my QPSK Demodulator using EXG 5172B equipment by setting as a QPSK modulator. at symbol rate of 2.31 MSPS. I need following information of modulator. So that i can compare that data source whether it is correct of not. 1. If i select data source i internal PN-9 sequence. what is polynomial and seed of PN generator? 2.… (Show more)
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I try  to do us the the DF and Transient in the same schematic, it shows the below error!   Error detected by hpeesofsim during Ptolemy simulation initialization `DF'.     input#1 of Cosim `_3_': Has been resolved to have a timed data type,      but the time step hasbeen resolved to 0.  At least one device in the     graph must set thetime… (Show more)
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