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I'm using a DSO9254A and i want to detect and record a short signal. Therefore i want to initialize the data acquisition by an external Trigger-pulse so that the oscilloscope knows the time to start measuring. I control the Oscilloscope with python. My question is: How can i read the status of the "AUX TRIG IN", so when a Trigger-pulse has been… (Show more)
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Hi, I'm trying to control the semiconductor parameter analyzer B1500A using Matlab. I'm using the connector USB/GPIB 82357B as PC/B1500A interfaze. The communications between my PC and B1500A is correct, i.e. I can send any commands and the machine receives them and send back the answer. The problem come when I try to read the measurement data… (Show more)
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I'm working with N6705C with the IVI driver and getting an invalid value error when I try to set the trigger source. The attached is the NI I/O trace that captures the SetAttribute command. It works with the attribute value 0 and 2 only. All other values generate the same invalid value error. Any idea why?
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I confused about Keysight Products so could you please confirm about that, Keysight produce Electronic measurement equipment only or also produce Adapters and Connectors?
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 I have already created the layout of the amplifier circuit and the antenna. In the layout window we cannot connect the FET. So in co-simulation I am connecting the FET to see the parameters of the integrated system like PAE, Gain, Drain Efficiency etc before the antenna. But I cannot check the radiation pattern of the antenna. Can anybody tell me… (Show more)
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 I am a EE student.  Are there any test procedures for Latching Current for a SCR ?#
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Hey,    I want to measure power(amplitude) of my device using N9030. But when I am using attenuator, the power dsplayed not show the actual power ( attenuatof effect)> Can you help me how I can add power offset on my N9030 ?   Thankyou very much 
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Hi,  Which Form factor is suitable for PCIE 4.0 & PCIE 5.0 for switch products? CEM, M.2, U.2 or any other Form factor?   Thanks Amlesh Kumar
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