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Using python to control an environmental chamber through GPIB, I started throwing this error: Read Error:  ('VI_ERROR_TMO (-1073807339): Timeout expired before operation completed.',) This error is occurring on prior iterations of my program that worked before and even on example programs provided by Keysight.
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Corporate network security is flagging my oscilloscope as an issue on the network, both because of the anonymous FTP access and non-password protected VNC as well as other windows issues.   I had password protected my scope for VNC and FTP prior to updating to the latest firmware. However it appears that the latest firmware has unpassword… (Show more)
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Keysight support,   I'd like to use a FieldFox to determine if a church's wireless microphone dropouts are caused by interference. The dropouts are intermittent, only happening about an average of once every hour of microphone usage.   This has been ongoing for several months and I believe the AV guys have exhausted all the ideas suggested by… (Show more)
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Hi, has anyone attempted to run ADS in a Docker container? I have ADS2017 ver 1.1 and was trying to run it on Linux Ubuntu 18.04 64bit using Gnome 3 desktop. It does run but is buggy and often freezes on long momentum electromagnetic simulation runs. Attempts to run ADS2017 on CentOS 7 virtual machine (Virtualbox) is even worse with frequent… (Show more)
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Hi,   when we use our U8903a with ethernet remote, then the same measurement, we can do also from the front panel gives us a very different result. Usually much more noise and THD is measured using ethernet, than measure it from the front panel. Is there any known problem with a solution for this, we could use?   thanks,   tamas
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#shapes #layout #error All other components appear fine when creating 3D EM Preview, but vias do not, with this error: "no shapes were found on layer..."   Can anyone help?
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I have created an application that allows connection through Keysight Gateway (E5810B) to GPIB, RS232, USB & Ethernet. I have all working well but need some help figuring out how to change the baud rate, parity etc. for the serial port.   The following is an example of my working code to communicate to the GPIB and USB correctly.   Public… (Show more)
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I can not find any information how to set CX3324A waveform analyzer from Run mode to Single mode acquisition programmatically. There are no any command in CX3300 Programmers guide that does it. Samples of programs do not contain such examples. Help me, please.
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I have a USBTMC device prototype   In (with VISA-COM 5.0 library reference), I can open a session using: Dim manager as New Ivi.Visa.Interop.ResourceManager Dim session as Ivi.Visa.IMessage = manager.Open(<valid resource name>) I wanted to get a list of available USB resources using FindRsrc method (manager.FindRsrc("USB0::?*")). I was… (Show more)
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Click to view content  查詢了一下 機器的使用方法, 發現RMS有效值都只能量全畫面, 我使用的機器是DSO-X 3024T 請問如果我想量 區段RMS值 黑色框框 的RMS 有辦法嗎? 另外這個是一個電動工具的堵轉波形, 想請問有沒有同業知道對電池的輸出電流是指RMS還是最大值?
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