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I try  to do us the the DF and Transient in the same schematic, it shows the below error!   Error detected by hpeesofsim during Ptolemy simulation initialization `DF'.     input#1 of Cosim `_3_': Has been resolved to have a timed data type,      but the time step hasbeen resolved to 0.  At least one device in the     graph must set thetime… (Show more)
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Using the LabView Agilent PNA Series Library, I am able to query the PNA-L for start frequency and number of points for the active trace, but I can't seem to get the stop frequency.  I'm sure this is simple to do, but I cannot find the correct .vi in the library to accomplish this. 
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I have an 81150A arbitrary function generator.  Cycling power takes me to an all white display screen.  Physical keys no longer flash green at startup.  The behavior is as if the unit were in remote and the screen is disabled.  There are no soft buttons.  Without those, the published reset to default procedure unavailable.    The unit was fine… (Show more)
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Click to view contentI want to mimic the layout TSMC 0.18um technology's Inductor to get approximately the same results using ADS Momentum tool at 10 GHz.Where it consists of M6 (Blue wire) and M1(Green wire), with the same dimentions of the original TSMS inductor layout there is a signifiacntly difference between the results of the TSMC saved data at ADS and the… (Show more)
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Hi  we have installed a trial license "N5180430B" for generating two tone and multitone for N5182B . it is showing license installed under instrument option. However when we go to option in signal generator it still shows option not installed. we also have license 656 installed.    Can anyone suggest if i we are missing something to enable the… (Show more)
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I’m having some difficulties in using SCPI commands to control my E5061B- 005 VNA. Most of the commands does work except this particular 2 command behave differently.   I’m setting impedance analysis in my VNA with Port 1-2 Series. SCPI.SENS1.Z.METH TSER   Then I’m selecting |Z| parameter using below command. SCPI.CALC1.SEL.ZPAR.DEF Z  … (Show more)
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K V Vamsi Krishna Rao
U2723A  Modular SMU: What is the switching time for the Auto Range function of Current and Voltage? Thank you very much.
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Hello Support Team,   Please find the attached Error which you could able to sort out as we purchased a licence still i am getting this error please do fix the errors as high priority.   Thanks  Suneel For Chandra Sekhar.M
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Click to view contentHello, from time to time I get such a problem, that I get multiple instance of same instrument on address 16, and I don't know how to remove them. Simple remove command does not remove them from list. Usually only what I found that it functions is complete uninstall and install of connection expert.
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