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Hello all,   I am trying to communicate with a N7745A using MATLAB's calllib() function. I have had success with binblockread(), but I found it to be too slow for my application. I wanted to know if I can achieve the same functionality by calling the KeySight IO libraries directly using calllib(). If so, which library from the Keysight IO… (Show more)
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Does anybody know what these C2 components are ? I expected to find two diodes inside the mixer but only found capacitors and resistors ?! There are no components under the soft grey pads.
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I want to use IntuiLink Waveform Editor for Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators to create my own pulse signal over 33250a generator. When I run it, the error said it needs IO Libraries Suite. But the version of IO Libraries Suite I can get is for win 7,8, and 10, not for win XP. At the same time, the IntuiLink Waveform Editor for… (Show more)
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Hi guys I  am using the Dielectric Test Fixture 16451B connect with 4263B to measure capacitance value of material. Some material is conductive which is giving me a "Negative Cp Value " (like -108uF at 100Hz or -6.5uF at 1kHz) when  those sample in Dielectric Fixture. I don't know the right way to explain the negative Cp value . Can you help why… (Show more)
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Hi. i am using 82357B gpib to connect to my power supply(pacific as 115 x). But my instrument is not shown in the instrument section of keysight connection expert(version 18.1). On my device it the signal led is on I have enabled keysight gpib cards for 488 programs. I cant figure out the problem. please help
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I am trying to access N4010A using TestStand 2016 with a .NET step and the Agilent.N4010.WLanTest.dll.  TestStand 4.2.1 works fine with the DLL, but I have been unable to get it to work with TS2016.  I am getting the following error: An exception occurred inside the call to .NET member 'Instrument': System.IO.FileLoadException: Mixed mode… (Show more)
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Have many VBA programs in Excel, MS Office 2010 32 bit for semi-automated testing that were developed in WIN7 32 bit.   Now migrating to WIN10 64 bit--Excel, MS Office 2010 32 bit, BUT, VBA Developer sez missing Library?? INSTALLED Keysight SW===IO-17-Keysight_Instrument_Control_Bundle_11b.2015 I have the WIN10 PC vs. the Win7 32 bit setup in… (Show more)
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I am working on HP 8453 Spectrophotometer machine and Windows 7 using Agilent 82350 GPIB interface card. The UV-Visible Chemstation Ver B-0401 Software is running well without any issues. Because end users' requests, I need to program to collect data directly from HP 8453 using VB6. However, when running a sample Idn from Agilent\IO Libraries… (Show more)
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Hi all,   If any one can explain about the hidden , unused ,active and healthy partition in 250GB SSD of my M9037A embedded controller.  Device manager screen shot is attached. Thank you.   jayant   m9037a
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Trying to track down volatility statements for every piece of test equipment is a major pain. It shouldn't be. Everyone moving equipment in and out of a SCIF needs one. Which tells me there must be plenty of such statements floating around the IC Sphere. So why is it so hard to get one? My company creates and keeps volatility statements for every… (Show more)
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