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I am working on HP 8453 Spectrophotometer machine and Windows 7 using Agilent 82350 GPIB interface card. The UV-Visible Chemstation Ver B-0401 Software is running well without any issues. Because end users' requests, I need to program to collect data directly from HP 8453 using VB6. However, when running a sample Idn from Agilent\IO Libraries… (Show more)
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Hi all,   If any one can explain about the hidden , unused ,active and healthy partition in 250GB SSD of my M9037A embedded controller.  Device manager screen shot is attached. Thank you.   jayant   m9037a
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Trying to track down volatility statements for every piece of test equipment is a major pain. It shouldn't be. Everyone moving equipment in and out of a SCIF needs one. Which tells me there must be plenty of such statements floating around the IC Sphere. So why is it so hard to get one? My company creates and keeps volatility statements for every… (Show more)
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Hi. i am using 82357B gpib to connect to my power supply(pacific as 115 x). But my instrument is not shown in the instrument section of keysight connection expert(version 18.1). On my device it the signal led is on I have enabled keysight gpib cards for 488 programs. I cant figure out the problem. please help
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Any example  in perl on how to connect via telnet? use IO::Socket; # Change to your instrument's hostname my $instrumentName = "xxxxx"; # Get socket $sock = new IO::Socket::INET ( PeerAddr => $instrumentName, PeerPort => 5024, Proto => 'tcp', ); die "Socket Could not be created, Reason: $!\n" unless $sock;   I can connect manually but with… (Show more)
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Tester 4070 encountered "Hang" issue when inserted Repeat Until for specific device in one of test module. How to overcome this problem?
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Hello,   To remote control the Anite Propsim FS8 through LAN interface and send ATE commands, I am using Python Programming. Step 1: Using Client programming, I am able to connect to the Instrument Propsim. Step2: I should read back a msg from Propsim - On which port will I get the data from Propsim Step3: I need to send ATE commands to… (Show more)
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Hi   has any one got any experience of using the Propsim F32 for the modelling HF channels as per ITU-R F.1487 (see attached) ?   I'm specifically looking how to model the required frequency spread of the taps, I've tried using the Doppler spread property of the tap but it doesn't seem to allow me to input a number other than 0!   My other… (Show more)
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