• 85032A Calibration Kit Definitions

    I've inherited an 85032A N-type calibration kit and am looking for the calibration standards' definitions.  I can't find them online - Keysight's website only has a 3 page document on the kit that lacks the defin...
    created by Subby
  • what is cover height in MSUB?

    hello  i searched a lot but i didnt get any answer about it. please help me tanks for your attentions.
    created by zizi1999
  • Register for the Keysight Community and Follow a Forum or Blog

    Register for the Community: If you don’t have a myKeysight account: Register for the Community by clicking here.   If you already have a myKeysight account: Log in to your myKeysight account by clicking...
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  • How can I save recording from 89600A via MATLAB?

        I want to write matlab code to save recording from 89600A, how can I achieve that? Is there a example code to show me how to do that? Thanks very much.
    created by SustcerLeon
  • We have 8563E Portable Spectrum Analyzer, 9 kHz to 26.5 GHz provide an  ERROR 353 : SRCH FLD No acceptable YTO DAC value found .((ERR 353 SRCH FLD No acceptable YTO DAC value found.))  the quotation , what is the related hardware  and how to repair it

    We have 8563E Portable Spectrum Analyzer, 9 kHz to 26.5 GHz provide an  ERROR 353 : SRCH FLD No acceptable YTO DAC value found .((ERR 353 SRCH FLD No acceptable YTO DAC value found.)) the quotation , what is the...
    created by ayad
  • How to measure the impedance of rectifier?

    Should I use harmonic balance+ lssp simulation? or only lssp simulation? I hope to find the impedance under 915MHz and 0dbm so that I can do impedance matching. But now I can't get the result. Plea...
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  • Manual for HP 4380A (8-Port Test Set)

    Hi, Where could I find information (User or technical manual) for the 8-Port S-Parameter Test Set (Model 4380A). Thanks.
    created by naka
  • Hello Folks, I am lookig for (MXA N9020B) and (MXG 5182B) python library files, do I need to create it from scratch or I can find it some other place?

    Hello Folks,   I am using MXA 9020B and MXG 5182B in my bench for some conformance tests. I order to automate the test using Python, I am looking for MXA / MXG Python library files.   Has any one created t...
    created by SprintLab
  • Co-Simulation of a circuit with CPWG Ports

    Hi, I'm trying to do a co-simulation of a layout that contains an SMA, a filter and an LNA. All the transmission lines are CPWG. For the SMA I used differential ports between the signal port and the 4 grounds. For the...
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  • can't change my email address

    I have joined a new company, but can't change the email address on my profile.
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  • Nemo Analyze and Outdoor

    Is there a training course on how to use the Nemo Analyze and Outdoor Software?
    created by DannyM40
  • B2900A

    I have installed the latest QuickIV.4.1.1821.3680 on my Win 10 laptop for use with a B2912A SMU. I had this working on a Win 10 laptop a few weeks ago but the laptop had a hard drive failure so I needed to instal...
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  • How to access TLMatch in ADS 2017.01 ?

    I would like to use this TLMatch. I  found it in ADS 2008 document. However, I cannot find it anywhere in ADS 2017.01. Does anyone have any idea? Thanks so much in advance!  
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  • How to use Bias dependent Noise source

    How to use bias dependent Noise source to generate flicker noise during transient and harmonic balance simulation 
    created by santosh_iitd
  • remove mulitple UUT testexec

    There was an older post with this same question and it was considered "resolved" by setting the UUT's to 1.   I disagree.   I am working on a datalogging DLL which uses GetReportMsgEx1 as a registered call...
    created by schudon
  • Can any one suggest how to find the impedance of a via

    #How to find the impedance offered by the Via. #How to estimate the differential VIA crosstalk in mutilayer plane analysis
    created by hariprasadnaik
  • Up/Down buttons in Vee

    HOw to create up/down buttons in Vee
    created by tdp78
  • VISA Function Issue in Excel

    I am using Excel VBA to communicate with instruments over GPIB. When I try to use the VISA command viVPrintf it is not recognized. What is the library file I need to use/reference in Excel in order to use the VISA viV...
    created by gfrazier7
  •   agilent N4010A  <安捷伦89600> 需要license才能使用。

    我个人买了在闲鱼买了一个二手 agilent N4010A  无线连接测试仪 这台仪器需要配合客户端软件来使用 。   我在官网下载了 <安捷伦89600> 需要license才能使用。   安捷伦在上,请分享一个license给我用起来这台机器,谢谢了。
  • Добавить шум в схему корреляционного приёмника

    Добрый день! Имеется кор. приемник, реализованный на микросхемах intersil hfa3101. Сигналы на вход схемы и с гетеродина генерируются элементом VtPulses из библиотеки Sources-Time Domain.   Нужно посмотреть,...
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