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hello  i searched a lot but i didnt get any answer about it. please help me tanks for your attentions.
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    I want to write matlab code to save recording from 89600A, how can I achieve that? Is there a example code to show me how to do that? Thanks very much.
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We have 8563E Portable Spectrum Analyzer, 9 kHz to 26.5 GHz provide an  ERROR 353 : SRCH FLD No acceptable YTO DAC value found .((ERR 353 SRCH FLD No acceptable YTO DAC value found.)) the quotation , what is the related hardware component and how to repaired .   would you send me the block diagram of this spectrum analyzer . thank you 
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Register for the Community: If you don’t have a myKeysight account: Register for the Community by clicking here.   If you already have a myKeysight account: Log in to your myKeysight account by clicking here. Login with your username and password. Click on “Add a Capability” in the upper right and select "Community".   ***Make sure you…
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Click to view contentShould I use harmonic balance+ lssp simulation? or only lssp simulation? I hope to find the impedance under 915MHz and 0dbm so that I can do impedance matching. But now I can't get the result. Please tell me how to set the parameters? Or is there any method? Thanks
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Hi, Where could I find information (User or technical manual) for the 8-Port S-Parameter Test Set (Model 4380A). Thanks.
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Hello Folks,   I am using MXA 9020B and MXG 5182B in my bench for some conformance tests. I order to automate the test using Python, I am looking for MXA / MXG Python library files.   Has any one created this before or is it downloadable from Keysight or python websites.   Thanks for your help.
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Click to view contentHi, I'm trying to do a co-simulation of a layout that contains an SMA, a filter and an LNA. All the transmission lines are CPWG. For the SMA I used differential ports between the signal port and the 4 grounds. For the filter I'm also using differential ports between the signal port pad, and the ground that is after the pad (on the same top plane).… (Show more)
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I have joined a new company, but can't change the email address on my profile.
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