• ADS 2006A error during simulation

    Hi, whenever I go to run a simulation of any type (but in particular, transient analysis) I get the following error ...
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  • Using a Variable To Set a Amplitude (33120A with MATLAB)

    I am trying to program a 33120A, with MATLAB, function generator to output a sine wave at different amplitudes as a t...
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  • VBA 7.1 and VISA-COM dosen't work

    Hi!  I'm using HP 34401A bench multimeter and trying to remote control it from Excel 365.  VBA vercion - 7....
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  • Know Your Top Arbitrary Waveform Generator Specifications

    Knowing key Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) specifications lets you make the best purchase decision, saving you ti...
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  • 8753D network analyzer port extension feature

    After doing a 2-port cal, only the port 1 extension seems to work. I am using the same length extension coax for both...
  • Issues with SIPro

    Tried to run the sample program of the Panda_Board layout using DC IR Drop analysis.  Did exactly what the onlin...
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  • Welcome Doc Data Acquisition

    Welcome to the Data Acquisition and Switch Units forum!  Please feel free to participate, ask questions and enga...
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  • SystemVue教学材料(通信系统设计)(2017 Train The Teacher培训材料)

    本教学材料包含基于仿真平台的课程指导文件、对应的实验项目文件及参考设计,以及习题示例。   本实验将通过实现基于QPSK 的完整基带/物理层系统设计,帮助设计者快速掌握SystemVue 电子系统级仿真平台的使用,进行通...
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  • A GUI of EMPro and SystemVue Cosimulation for Phased Array Antenna Design

    This is a GUI tool helps you design your phased array antenna high efficiently, and predict the array antenna radiati...
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  • [PDF] FMCW Radar Simulation for Range Estimation

    The slides show how to use SystemVue to evaluate the desired radar detection performance including target range, rang...
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  • 雷达基础培训v2(2018.4.3 南京Workshop)

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  • 在SystemVue软件中创建并使用自定义模型库

    附件的文档中介绍了以下内容: 1. 将SystemVue原理图中的部分电路转换为子电路网络(sub-network) 2. 将已有的子电路网络加入到用户自定义库中 3. 由用户自定义库文件生成部件描述文件,加入到PartSele...
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  • Simulate S Parameters for All Pass Filter with OpAmp

    Trying to determine how to simulate the S Parameters and Group Delay of an all-pass filter using an Op-Amp. I have th...
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  • Writing Equation

    Hi everyone,   I am trying to write this equation "if((slope*DC.VDS[0,::] +b)>0) then (slope*DC.VDS[0,::] +b...
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  • Warning: fill pattern values out of range.

    I'm getting this warning when I open new schematics: "WARNING: One or more layer purpose pairs from "C:\Program Files...
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  • How to define ground plane in Momentum substrate definition

    Could someone please show me how to properly define the ground plane in the substrate definition of Momentum?  I...
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  • [2019Q2]Automotive Radar Workshop

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  • 新入职工程师必读课程 - 信号完整性 (Signal Integrity)

    新入職信號完整性的工程師,可以透過以下的材料自學。 除了粗體字的內容建議先做先看以外,其它都可以依照個人興趣自己安排學習順序。 材料分為workshop和Application Notes: 每個Workshop都有附workspa...
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    批次 (Batch) 模擬是SI分析常用的手法,可以把多個變數組合作一次性模擬,並透過模擬結果來挑選最適合的設計。批次模擬有兩大重點,一是模擬的設定,二是模擬結果的顯示。本次內容會著重在模擬的設定。   ps. 請參考ce...
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  • How to use Cadence Schematic Design in ADS - DynamicLink

    In some technologies, there may be no ADS PDK for ADS users. Dynamic Link is a very convenient way to use Cadence sch...
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