• Python GUI for Data Conversion - Converting ADS Dataset to Touchstone File Format in Batch

    Requirement    The user creates a schematic of SP simulation which has a sweep variable. Thus there're seve...
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  • User Defined/Modifying Cal Kit on HP8753ES

    I have a 3.5mm cal kit with different coefficients than the standard kit on the analyzer. I thought It would be a sim...
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  • Full S-param on high gain device with HP8753ES

    Hi, we would like to read full s-parameters in one time (S11, S22 and S21). The DUT is a 2.2GHz, 50dB of gain (power)...
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  • Custom calibration board on HP8753ES

    Hi, We built a custom calibration kit to calibrate out our RF switch and cable. Below is a picture of it and the VNA...
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  • HP 8753C Retrofit Option Kits (eg TDR Option 010)

    Dear Colleagues,   I'm trying to understand what is involved in adding Option 010 (TDR) to an HP 8753C network ...
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  • Run ADS in Command Line

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  • Keysight EDA 软件免费学习资源汇总-2019

    本文档提供所有 Keysight EDA 软件(ADS, SystemVue, EMPro, GoldenGate, Genesys, IC-CAP, MBP, MQA, A-LFNA, WaferPro Express, ...
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  • SystemVue 通信实验教程(适用于高校)

    教材作者:中央大学,廖芝青 本教材基于通信原理,通过数字滤波器、BPSK、QPSK、256QAM等实际操作实验,帮助学习者从零开始学习使用SystemVue,适用于高校通信相关实验课,进行辅助教学;也适合需要着手使用SystemVu...
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  • 2018 Train The Teacher 培训材料(通信/SystemVue部分)

    是德科技大学支持计划   ——2018年度教学培训营 时间:2018年7月30日 - 8月1日      &...
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  • 新入职工程师必读课程 - 三维电磁仿真 (EMPro)

    新入职的射频或是信号完整性工程师,如果需要使用EMPro完成三维电磁仿真,可以通过以下材料自学。 三维电磁场仿真的基础在于建模与仿真器的设定,所以自学材料主要围绕这一部分展开。 如果希望了解更多EMPro应用场景与技巧,可以查看:...
  • 新入职工程师必读课程 - 通信系统 (SystemVue)

    新入职的通信算法工程师、通信系统架构设计工程师以及涉及系统验证的射频工程师,可以使用SystemVue完成通信系统仿真,进行算法开发、架构设计或系统验证,以下为必读的自学材料。   对于算法工程师,建议通过以下课程学习完整通...
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  • Read the current CSA file name from PNA-X using SCPI command

    I am using a PNA-X (5247A), I want to read current CSA file name currently used by PNA-X using SCPI command.  
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  • Unstable noise display of Agilent 8163B

    The sensor module used with 8163B is 81636B, and the device is driven by a software called IL Engine. After...
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  • SIPI Quick Links

    SI/PI Workshops. [SI] FY17Q2 HSD Basic miniWorkshop  Serdes Simulation  Post-layout Simulation: SIPro...
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  • EMPro模擬自動化_用 Python 程式自動運行模擬

    本文作者:中山大学,陈彦伍 EMPro有先进的Python编程环境和丰富的内置函数库。本文通过范例介绍针对已有工程文件如何通过Python程式自动进行电磁仿真或参数扫描。使用该程式可以自动执行任意工程文件的仿真,避免一次又一次在EM...
  • N9912A does not keep the time even reasonably accurately.

    I purchased a used N9912A which had firmware version 5.x and had the wrong date on it - I think it was showing some d...
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  • Port Tuning in Genesys?

    Does anyone know if Genesys has same capability to import HFSS data as a SUBCKT  in the way AWR offers to allow ...
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  • 2016Q3_Programming to Speed Up DDR Simulation in ADS

    Simplify linking of multiple large S parameters models. Quick setting of a large amount of IBIS models. Clocked eye...
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  • HSD Basic Series: PI Decap Optimization.

    Examples to Understand Decap Optimization PIPro Settings Decap Optimization
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  • 34465A with DIG option: strange offset in the sample clock rate

    Hello, I wonder if anybody else has run into this problem, or if an explanation could be found. When using the ...
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