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I have tried to communicate with U1733C LCR meter with LabVIEW through the IR to USB Cable. I am able to identify the device by writing *IDN? and reading back the device name. I also reset the device by writing *RST. But I can't read any data back to LabVIEW. Any command list specific for U1773C?   Thanks James Cheng

我个人买了在闲鱼买了一个二手 agilent N4010A  无线连接测试仪 这台仪器需要配合客户端软件来使用 。   我在官网下载了 <安捷伦89600> 需要license才能使用。   安捷伦在上,请分享一个license给我用起来这台机器,谢谢了。    
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Hi I was not sure where to post this query. hope this is the correct place. I recently got a U1733C LCR Meter. I am trying to communicate with it. I was able to get the identification from the device using "*IDN?". How do i get a reading from the device? Is there any documentation relating to the commands, like "*IDN?" for this
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Hi, older post was in the wrong sections I am new to programming in VEE. I am trying to capture the screenshot of the Tektronics TDS 784C. I am using the following commands HARDCOPY:FORMAT BMPC HARDCOPY:LAYOUT LANDSCAPE HARDCOPY:PORT GPIB HARDCOPY START READ BINBLOCK X BYTE ARRAY.* I am trying to save the returned data inta a file named