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Dear Sir,   We need to generate 2GFSK and OQPSK Modulated signal with below configuration on the E4433B signal generator by applying external trigger signals from the trigger unit.   2GFSK Modulation: BT=0.5 of the Gaussian filter (BT: Filter Co-efficient) Frequency deviation of 35 kHz Data rate up to 100kbits/s NRZ Packet

I have a situation where I am getting a non-real solution to my momentum problem.  I started out with a capacitor coupled psuedo lumped element resonator tied to a CPW line.  I got some funky results, so I effectively removed the coupling capacitor to the resonant circuit and tried again. I get GAIN at approximately the resonant
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I am trying to get a hand-on experience about the EM Pro, so I start from simulating the S11 of a helix coil. However, I could not even run the simulation since it cannot generate a mesh for me. I am really confused and do not know where did I do wrong. I attached my test file for reference.