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新入职的射频工程师在实际工作中,会经常碰到射频匹配的问题。仿真软件ADS可以帮助大家学习理解匹配原理,掌握快速匹配设计方法,甚至通过仿真指导实际匹配案例。如果希望学习通过ADS完成匹配设计,请参考下列材料:   1. 射频匹配设计基础 [Workshop] 2019Q4 RF Basic - Efficient Impedance Matching with ADS    2. 射频匹配元件调谐及自动优化 [WMV] Find Out Optimal Values of a Matching Network with Optimization.    3. ADS中的EM工具(FEM&Mom) ADS Momentum

I notice on the 34461A datasheet it claims a reading rate of 1000 rdgs/s. I need to sample a voltage at this sample rate. When looking at the manual it seems that only the 34465A and 34470A can sample at anything like this. I have tried logging in stand alone and via the PC but can only get a sample rate of around 2 Hz. Is it possible to obtain