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Hi, I have a console program that someone else wrote that I need to send commands to from my VEE program. I see the "execute program (PC)"  within VEE that can open this .exe file but I'm not sure how to send commands to it. The commands I need to send were provided by the programmer of the console program as shown below. Can anyone help me
I have a 8560E which does not display any signal that is applied to the main input.  After initial boot there are six error messages.  After some troubleshooting, I think the problem is with the YTO A11 assembly but since I'm not that familiar with repairing this type of equipment, I thought perhaps some help is in order.  The
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Currently I am working on Dynamic Frequency divider and using ADS to perform the simulation. In order to realize such a design, I have to display the large signal loop gain  at a defined point of the circuit vs the frequency for various input power . The loop gain should fulfill the oscillation condition (gain is greater than unity at the