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Hi all, I am using TI Multi-Cal-System (Evaluation Module + EVM Software)to calibrate PGA309, the 34401A is connected directly to my PC's RS232 port (com1). I keep getting -410 error when I run the calibration.   the software will send the following script to 34401A during calibration, the script is taken from the user guide(sbou104.pdf,

在 RF 的世界中,要让射频通道的杂讯指数达到最小、功率传输达到最大,阻抗匹配是最基本的要求。早期,使用者习惯以手动方式做匹配,然而,在 4G、5G 时代,通讯协定与频段数量的增加、频率提高、尺寸减小,对于手动调谐的难度将日益提升,这代表着需要更有效的匹配设计流程与方式。   是德科技提供了完整的射频匹配解决方案,透过 ADS 里的 Smith Chart 小工具、阻抗设计软体 CILD、元件模型优化功能、方便导入 PCB 的方法和全新电磁模拟介面 RFPro 进行辅助设计,协助客户减少手动调适匹配电路的时间。   课程重点:   实验范例:    即将上传,敬请期待~
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Hi,   I'm building an app using the IVI-COM drivers using the direct driver instantiation. I am successfully connecting to two DVM's and talking single readings from both, however I now want to trigger with encoder position, about 100 readings a second. I'm setting the DVM up in the correct mode, but can't call the
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I am trying to get a hand-on experience about the EM Pro, so I start from simulating the S11 of a helix coil. However, I could not even run the simulation since it cannot generate a mesh for me. I am really confused and do not know where did I do wrong. I attached my test file for reference.