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When we simulate our circuit in ADS software then error message is shown and error message is- 'MOSFET1'is an instance of an undefined model MOSFET1'. So tell me how I remove this error for simulation of our circuit. #simulation problem GShankaraVForumsadminandgenthAgilentModeratorDartster57tsilchia001stoyan_ganchev

HI I am using a 4 Port PNA-X, and a two port E cal kit. I want to automate the 4 port calibration process using this 2 port Ecal kit. I am not getting the sequence of commands to do this. The example shown in help file is for 4port cal with 4 port ecal. please suggest regards  
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Hi, I have an issue concerning optimization : I am trying to simulate "simulated_gain(frequency)" and making it the closest possible to some "measured_gain(frequency)" and I don't know how to tell the optimization components to fit to every point of the simulation. I have succeeded to make it fit the maxima of the curves
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Hi all, I tried to measure the signal by VSA 89600. I received four channels of signals from the oscilloscope and analyzed them by VSA 89600. In the software, I can set the input signal format to be Single I+jQ or Dual I+jQ. I would like to ask if I use Single I+jQ to measure the signal, does the power displayed in the VSA 89600 need to add 3 dB