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Hello, I am attempting to create a program that will setup measurement of the 34465A and continuously send data to PC without interrupting the measurement.   I set up measurement with an infinite trigger, then use the :R? command in a loop to extract the data to PC.   I felt that the :R? command was appropriate because if I

I have a customer that is purchasing a system with a 34980A with 34921A and 34925A modules.  They would like to have the latest firmware on these devices for this system and then continue to install this same firmware on future systems, even if the production firmware has rev'd in the meantime.  I have found a firmware download for the
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We are using keysight 8164B laser and N7744A detector for our experiment. We are using continuous wavelength sweep to see high Q modes in our devices. We are unable to see all the resonance modes present in the devices, which are observable in other real time power meter data. As we increase the averaging time for the detector we are getting more
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I am setting a voltage on the E3631A DC power supply using GPIB. There is no problem with doing that but I notice that when I take a measurement the voltage drops by a little, around 0.02V. The measured voltage differs from the Set voltage by that amount. I use the IVI-COM drivers and wrote a Visual Basic .Net program to do this. I referred to