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Is there a way I can generate a file with the definitions of a calibration kit so that it may be read on an E5071C? Apparently this ENA series instrument can only read .ckx files. I don't have a E5071C, but want to supply a file someone with an E5071C can use.  I am aware of different bits of software which allow me to write cal kit
Are there instructions on how to use the BenchVue  "App Calibration File"?  If I manually run "normalize" on my test cables does that file get stored in the Fieldfox and how does BenchVue access it?
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Hi all, I want to convert some Vee Programs to .exe format so that other users can use those programs without installing Vee Pro. I used File---> Create Run Time Version, it's file extension is .vxe and it's working only with Vee Runtime. But it does not work properly. You can see panel display of program and it executes on its own. For
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Greetings, I have a Wiltron (Anritsu) VNA Type N Calibration Kit, Model 3653 and am trying to derive the calibration coefficients that will work in the HP/Agilent VNA Standard Definition table. Wiltron provides an offset length, 20.3700 mm, and the C0 . . . C3 and L0 . . . L3 values. The C and L values are in the proper terms for the table but I