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Hi does ADS support the HSPICE  'W-element' statement for describing a transmission line, using the RLGC-model specification? If I want to import a HSPICE model of a transmission line into ADS, using the w-element statement, ADS says that this element type is unrecognized. Kind regards Peter  

As stated here Scripting Data Display, I need to filter out unneeded data by evaluating the datasets. So I figured I would just work with the trace created in .dds: traceID = get_new(goId0, "Trace", "time", "X Axis", "Y Axis"); How do you best interface with trace to programatically generate other objects using AEL in .dds? Maybe access
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Hello,   I would like to apologize for this question since I am quite it's a recurring question... I design an antenna (J-dipole) using Momentum: results are great... However, I would like to check the simulation with FEM to take account of finite FR4 substrate... 1) with the default options, results with FEM are odd: the