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Hello! My 16900A's Windows XP installation is in pretty bad shape (background apps crash looping, etc.) and could do with a wipe and re-install. However, I don't have the recovery CDs for this device. Could you post the recovery CDs for this device on the ftp server? My unit's serial number is MY43002127.

hi I am using M9005A pxi vector network analyser (VNA). i have a software named Network Analyser installed in pc where I can see the data obtained through VNA . I want to save data (s21 vs time) continuously in excel files after every fixed interval of time (say 5 seconds). After Every 5 sec, i want this whole set of data saved in a different
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Characterizing Frequency Multipliers :  We work in the automotive radar band. As a part of the measurement set up, we would like to characterize the frequency multipliers that we use in our setup.  We have an E8361A with the frequency extenders up to 110GHz. The extenders are connected through a millimeter wave test set controller